Monday, February 23, 2015

Val Snows the Roof Off the Seamy Side of Hick's Clandestine Activities

You never know what you're going to get around Val's house on any given weekend. It's kind of like Forrest Gump's momma's box of chocolates.

Just Sunday evening, The Pony trotted into my dark basement lair and said, "Oh, Mom. Look what happens to Dad's cabin when the sun comes out after a snow." He poked Hick's phone in my face. Why is it that kids always think old people need stuff jammed up under their noses, rather than held at arm's length or across the room? I need to make some kind of symbol to teach the young 'uns that. Like Mr. Yuck, only with an old geezer shaking his fist at some young whippersnapper getting up in his grill. I'm probably not allowed to say that. My kids try to keep me in check. But they're not here now, are they? So I'll let my outdated-teen-lingo flag fly.

Here's what The Pony showed me. It must have made an impression, because he's not one to share things just for the feel-good rush.

Oh, yeah. Roll that beautiful creekside cabin roof footage. So cool. The metal roof heated up in the sunlight, and the snow that was packed there all week slid down over the edge. Kind of like a glacier, answering gravity's call. And also like a glacier, packed with particles, though in this case they had settled from above, and were not gouged out below.

Nature can be so cool.

And Hick can be such a hoarder. There's his woodshed in the bacground. And his Gator, with that red milk crate that only a couple short weeks ago was still screwed to the front wall of our house for PACKAGES. Gather it all in. It's impossible to see all of Hick's treasures at first glance.

I think I'll make this a continuing series. There are three pictures left to go.


  1. Holding my cell phone out at arm's length so I can see the amazing cabin glacier. Yes, very cold and cool. No snow here. Very strange and warm--ish.

  2. Val--You should not flaunt your husband's treasures. Next thing you know, there will be cityfolk flocking on your property, trying to pinch that red milk crate...or those glass doo-hickey things all lined up on the shelves.

    You'd best get your goodies insured... before it's too late.

  3. Looks like a lot of interesting collectables gathered together here. Does Hick accept VISA?

  4. Oh, no, Stephen's on the hunt. Next thing you know he'll try to buy one of Hick's toilet plungers.

  5. Hick has does have his escapes. Suggest he build you a writing retreat. Ah, nevermind; it would probably three-sided.

  6. joeh,
    I see what you did there.

    You might need to get an arm extender. EUREKA! I've come up with a new invention to sell on the counter of my proposed handbasket factory.

    Next thing you know, city people will be rushing down here at night to steal dogs right out of the yard. Don't think a disguise of boys's hoodies and men's hiking boots will fool me, Madam. Juno is sweetly, sweetly mine.

    Hick accepts barter. He would use a VISA to pick his teeth.

    Stephen will be sadly disappointed, because none of Hick's toilet plungers have names.

    A writing retreat? If Hick built it, it would have a built-in seat for HIS rumpus, so he could "keep me company" while I wrote. Yes, it could very well turn out to have three sides like that woodshed. Just depends how much spare free lumber he has laying around.

  7. Next thing you know, some big truck pulling a big trailer will pull in and ask if you are interested in selling some of your "junk". If Hick's not there, you could do business!!

  8. Kathy,
    That big truck would be Sioux's convoy, here to load up the treasures to sell in the city. If she stops in town to fill that truck with gas station chicken, we could make a trade.