Sunday, February 15, 2015

Let's Get This Party Postponed!

Alas, Val has stayed too long at the fair.

Well, she would've...if there had been a fair to go to, and if Hick had taken her, and allowed her to stay out past the time he judged she should return home. It would have been a sight more fun than what she really did today. With cotton candy, and foot-long corn dogs, and midway games of throwing darts and tossing balls (heh, heh) and grabbing mechanical goldfish out of blue plastic kiddie pools, with the chance to win giant stuffed animals, and foam sabers, and those pretty mirrors etched with pictures that have been rumored to be merely flat surfaces for cutting lines of cocaine or meth. Yep. That would have been a darn sight more fun.

No, I've had a busy day, writing thank you notes to a multitude of funeral well-wishers, the ones assigned to me by my sister the ex-mayor's wife, who acted like she was giving me half, but when informed that I was one thank-you notice short, was sure to tell me the number SHE had written, which turned my allotment into a paltry third. Let the record show that she attended the same church as Mom, and many of the people she claimed were her fellow attendees, and that I happen to work five days a week and cannot be using my employer's time to write thank-yous and look up addresses.

In addition, I ate my fill (or almost) of a belated birthday dinner at a local catfish house, this day being The Pony's actual birthday, so the two of us killing two birds with our birthday dinner stone, though that's actually not a good analogy, what with the events that transpired upon arrival at the restaurant.

Are you salivating for more? Well, you'll have to wait a day or two until I have more time to elaborate. I know you wouldn't want a bare-bones story from Val. No sirree, Bob! I expect to have plenty of time tomorrow, what with the 5-10 inches of snow in the forecast, our already-planned President's Day holiday, and The Pony's dentist cancelling his tomorrow's check-up this afternoon at 1:00.

Let the snow begin, and the marination of Val's tales as well.


  1. I'm sure you will have Tuesday off as well, but up here, I'm sure the streets will be cleared off in time to have school on Tuesday... which means we're lucky once more.

  2. Cant' wait for the next episode, as long as you aren't eating crow :)

  3. joeh,
    Perhaps I hyped it too much...

    To steal a quote from the Magic 8 Ball: "All signs point to yes." Yeah. You're lucky all right. But I'm luckier. IT'S MY LUNCH DUTY WEEK!

    No crow, but still fowl.

    Maybe you and Joe H can talk each other down until the post goes up.

  4. Replies
    1. Pardon me, sir. It's later here than there. And a woman of such a delicate constitution as Val must take time out for sustenance before she can fritter away her time typing humorous anecdotes for internet consumption.

      FYI, my meatloaf supper was delicious. And now, you may go read the REST of the story.

  5. No bare-bones story from our VAL. i look forward to hearing the rest.

    1. Perhaps you and Catalyst should have played a game of checkers on top of the old pickle barrel while you waited.