Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crouching Low Amidst the Four-Leaf Clovers

In the fall, an old gal's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of blood. Bloodletting. Hatchets chopping. Witches on broomsticks. Cauldrons bubbling with eyes of newts. Black cats darting across one's path.

Hold on there. Back this blog up.

If a black cat crossing your path brings you bad luck...does a white cat crossing your path bring you good luck?

I would love to be the buster of this myth, but alas, the white cat that darted in front of my Tahoe suddenly thought better of his possum-road-crossing ways. He turned on a dime and shot back from whence he had come. Namely, the swaying weeds at the edge of the blacktop.That flighty feline made a beeline for the roadside faster than a plump wallet attached to fishing line manned by a gang of young toughs.

So...if the anti-black cat brings good luck upon path crossing, does this mean my good luck is being revoked?

I just can't catch a break. They're so much more elusive than airborne pathogens at a convenient care clinic.


  1. Your good luck has only just begun!

  2. Why don't you see if your good luck is still sticking by your side?

    Submit a story or two...see if they fly themselves off into a publication...

  3. Woman, your flighty mind turns out such wonderful phrases: flighty feline made a beeline...

  4. Just means white cats are smarter than black cats. But now you mention it I've seen more white roadkill cats than black. Nevermind.

  5. Maybe the cat got the luck this time.
    I had posted a comment on your previous post, but I don't think I actually "posted", if you know what I mean.
    Anyway, I hope you are feeling better with the ZPack in your system.
    Previous comment went something like this:
    As you know I was sick, but have fully recuperated.
    Anyway, one night last week, I took myself to the ER (actually my daughter and ex went with me, story for another time) where I was misdiagnosed, and never actually got an exam. They were very busy.
    I was prescribed pain killers. Went to an all night pharmacy. Realized that I had dropped RX in the ER. Drove
    BACK to ER, got Rx, back to pharmacy. Think I freaked out the pharmacist - doubled over, panting in pain. Talk about "drug seeking behavior".
    Oh, and hubby was off the hook - he was out of town, but he did get back asap. But that was after the ER trip.
    At least today is Friday, and in a few hours hopefully you can crawl back into bed and recuperate for a couple of days.

  6. Stephen,
    Are you one of Dionne Warwick's old psychic friends? I'll take your free reading. Don't try to bill me for a 900 number.

    I am planning to do just that on this three-day weekend thanks to parent conferences. You must also be a psychic. Who knew? Stephen did, I'm betting.

    I'm kind of like those ten thousand monkeys and their ten thousand typewriters. Sometimes a gem falls out of my pan of river rocks.

    I would much rather envision myself as a union gal, my toolbelt hung with words sagging insouciantly on my white-painter's-pants hips, using a T-square to align my cornerstones while intently following a blueprint.

    I don't think I have ever seen a white roadkill cat. All of them were black. Unless maybe some were skunks with the stripe smashed out of them.

    I caved and took the first two hits of my ZPack last night. I'm sure it was my imagination, but within five hours I seemed to feel better. My ear pain went away. Still coughing up the green goo this morning, though.

    Glad you are feeling better after finally procuring your drugs! My husband has been in Massachusetts all week, and is getting back tonight just ahead of Hurricane Sandy. He no doubt thinks the wrath of Sandy is preferable to the wrath of a sick Val. But he DID call every day to ask how bad I felt.