Monday, August 20, 2012

Toot! Toot! Here Come the Word Police!

I saw a new word today. Not a proper word. A made-up word that somebody thought was proper. I am consumed with jealousy. I love to make up words. This one's a humdinger.


I'm not sure if the user was going for "castrated" or "ostracized." It was a Big Brother contestant, bemoaning the fact that he was about to make a big move in the game. And if he followed through, he suspected he might be castracized.

Now I wonder if he thought the other players were going to de-nut him, or shun him. I suppose you can never quite be sure on reality TV.

My own personal creative word for today was tossed out in class by me, myself, and I. To emphasize that we only have eight planets now. Not nine. No. Don't you worry about Pluto. It's still there. But now Pluto is assumed to be a moon of Neptune. Because one of those things is not like the others. The four outer planets are gaseous. But Pluto is solid. And its orbit is messed up. Instead of playing nice, orbiting in concentric ellipses like the other planets, Pluto dares to cross Neptune's orbit. And for those reasons...our dear former-planet Pluto, has been...wait for it...



  1. Kinda like what happens to a cow when she gives birth--decalfinated.

  2. p.s. great new creative use of the Queen's English.

  3. I like de-planeted although I doubt I'd have much of an opportunity to use such a word. Now castracized! There's a word I can use!.

  4. I cringe every time I hear "conversated" instead of "conversed," because it's used frequently. By lots of people. People who think it's correct. Yikes!

    I love Leenie's "decalfinated."

    If you haven't ever read the book "Frindle" by Andrew Clements, you should. It's written at probably the 5-7 grade level, so it would be a quick read, but is about a boy who makes up a word and what happens to him because of it. It's a clever premise, and is an entertaining story.

  5. Leenie,
    Do you hear the sirens? The Word Police are on their way. Don't resist.

    The Queen and I go way back. She allows me liberties.

    And I don't think I can find a place for castracized. Next thing you know, you'll be eating no fat, and I'll be eating no lean. But together, we'll be shredding the Queen's English like there's no tomorrow.

    I blame the young. Youth is wasted on them, you know. Tap tap tapping on their tiny phones, taking shortcuts and making up words like they're best buds with the Queen. Fie on the young, I say!

    So nice of you to "Frindle" me. I am busting my buttons over the fact that you take it for granted I can read at the 5-7 grade level. My BFF the Queen would be ever so proud.

    Well then. That's all I needed. Once the Queen gets wind of this, I might become Lady Val.