Monday, August 12, 2019

Somebody's After Genius Again, and Perhaps The Pony, Too

I don't want to give away too much information concerning Genius and The Pony. They have flow the coop, cut the apron strings, squirmed out from under my thumb, and are somehow surviving without my interference. As long as I deposit money in The Pony's account, that is. He has one year of college left, and isn't quite functioning in the real world just yet.

A while back, I might have mentioned how Genius dodged a plane crash by not accepting a job with a company who pursued him. A company known for manufacturing airplanes, which would have placed him in the division that designs the navigation systems of the models that have been grounded due to crashing. I don't like to use actual factual names, lest it infringe on Genius's privacy.

Well, someone else is after Genius. As you know, he currently works for, um... let's call them Garment. He designs navigation systems for big yachts. Not small yachts, mind you. Super yachts. He's very happy doing so. But these pesky companies keep trying to lure him away. The current one I will call OOber. They're still in the interview process, but I think they might be wearing down Genius's loyalty to Garment. He says that if offered, and if he accepts, it would come near to doubling his salary. Which is already above what I was making when I retired after 28 years.

Anyhoo... when Genius mentioned that he'd been talking to OOber, upon calling to chat hands-free on his evening commute, I at first said,

"Oh, no! You don't want to do that!"

"Why not? What's wrong with OOber?"

"You might die!"

"What do you mean, I might die?"

"You could get shot by a passenger!"

"Uh. Mom. I'm not going to be DRIVING for them!"

"Oh. Well. That's the first thing I thought of. Like, you might be wanting to make a little extra money in your spare time."

"No. I don't really need to do that. I would be working in their driverless car division."

"Oh, no! What if it runs over somebody, and you get sued?"

"Nobody can sue me, Mom. Besides, they've only killed ONE person! And she just ran out in front of the car with her bicycle. We're past that now."

I won't go into any more details. Genius has a good head on his shoulders, and is capable of making his own career decisions. The Pony isn't quite at that point yet, starting his senior year at OU next Monday. We have a bit different kind of conversation. Mostly by text. At unpredictable hours. Like Tuesday at 12:17 a.m.

"Supernatural stuff of the day: grey and faceless lady sitting on my couch."

"Were you sleeping?"

"No. This was earlier."


"I was in the kitchen, around 2:00? Not sure exactly, but daylight."

"A few days ago, my lair glasses had that smudge on them again when I came downstairs. In a streak of three, like kitten-size toes. Yesterday in my lair, I heard something fall behind me. Like a Puffs box hitting the tile. I couldn't find anything on the floor that might have fallen. The light outside my lair is burned out, and the one at the far end of the pool table goes off, then comes back on when I turn to look at it."



That's it. The entire conversation. Kids can be so different.


  1. I find it hard to believe that Pony is coming up on his Senior year in college. It seems like just a few months ago that he was beginning.

    1. I know! Seems like I'm still trying to get over him leaving home.

  2. I don't think I could ever trust driverless cars and that particular company has a not so good reputation out here, for fare scamming and other unsavoury things.

    1. That's exactly what I told him! How do you know it's not just a fad? I can't imagine driverless cars on a large scale. Genius told Hick he sees it as a 3-5 year job opportunity. I guess young whippersnappers don't plan on spending a lifetime with one employer like us old fogies.

      I told Genius I hoped they offered him the job, so he could politely decline. Just for his ego, you know! He made a good decision turning down the airline offer.

  3. They all make their decisions in spite of you.Text from eldest last week. "I just charged someone with murder" I Love July!"

    1. At least you're in the loop! And (alleged) murderers DO need charging.

  4. Driverless cars do not appeal to me. Would a driverless car be able to navigate my park and read and obey all my hand painted frog signs? I have lots of questions. I am old, perhaps too old for all these new fangled things!

    1. I don't like the driverless idea at all! But if anybody can make one work, then surely it's my Genius!