Sunday, August 25, 2019

Ice(maker) Age 2

Two events. Both equally shocking.

I came upstairs the other night to see Hick folding his laundry and watching TV. Neither of those situations are shocking. He's been doing his own laundry since right before Genius was born, because he made that choice rather than pick his dirties up off the floor and put them in the hamper for me. He's always watching TV when I come upstairs around supper time. Usually The Andy Griffith Show, now that his obsession with MASH seems to be over.

The shocking part is what Hick was watching. It was Ice Age 2. There's nothing wrong with Ice Age 2. I've never seen it myself, even though I'm sure I took the boys to see it. I have absolutely no memory of any of the characters or plot. I DO recall the original Ice Age. The movie, smartbutts! Not the first cooling of the earth!

Anyhoo, I thought maybe the TV had been left on that channel, and Hick was sitting over on the long couch away from the remote, folding his tighty-whities on the coffee table. Or maybe he was trying to figure out that familiar voice of the mammoth. So I said,

"That's Raymond, you know. Ray Romano. The voice. From Everybody Loves Raymond." That comes on sometimes after Andy Griffith.

Hick said, "Huh."

"Do you want me to put it on something else?"

"No. I have the remote."

Well. That was indeed kind of freaky. I never would have thought Hick would sit and watch Ice Age 2, by choice, and start relating the plot to me. All these 30 years, and I'm still discovering things about Hick. He's a true international man of mystery.

The other shocking thing concerns the problem with FRIG II's ice maker. I took that picture, and told you the tale. What I didn't tell you was that I took TWO pictures. The one I originally posted, and one with my phone held slightly inside, to show you the belly of that beast. When I viewed the picture on the monitor of New Delly, I gasped.

I might have shoved back in my rolly chair. What in the NOT HEAVEN was that in my ice? I had just filled two bubba cups! It was only ice cubes. Nothing in there. I'd put back the bin, and taken my pictures. When had something gotten inside?

YUCK! I was almost sick. Was there something foul in my bubba cups with my half-moon cubes? One was already filled with water, and the other was a spare for adding to my 44 oz Diet Coke. Dang it! That looked like a worm! We don't have worms. Only millipedes. Had one gotten inside FRIG II, and dropped down from the top when I slid the bin back in? NO NO NO! Don't let that be a millipede in my ice supply! I refused to pop the lids off my bubba cups to look. I figured I'd peep inside the bin when I went upstairs at supper time. As you might imagine, I was not looking forward to this investigation.

I didn't know which would be worse, to look inside and SEE IT STILL THERE, or to look inside and NOT SEE IT! So I put it off until after I'd made Hick's supper. And after I'd made my supper. Until it was time to fill one bubba cup again for the evening.

I didn't mention my predicament to Hick. It was his Ice Age 2 night.

Finally, the time had come. Time to stop being such a baby, and face my fear. I couldn't put it off any longer. I opened up FRIG II, and peeped inside.

I am SUCH AN IDIOT! It was the silver metal coily thing that rotates to move ice forward.
Never mind.


  1. Hah! I knew that was a bit of the machinery in there with the ice, but I did think maybe it was a broken off piece and that's why the ice maker wasn't working properly.
    As for Hick's laundry, how hard is it to put something in the hamper straight away when you take your clothes off? WHY drop things on the floor? It's good he does his own washing, but that means the machine runs more often, uses more water etc, right? I suppose by now it's a system you are both used to.

    1. That never crossed my mind. The cubes were against it, making it look irregular in spots.

      It's not that such a skill is hard. It's Hick's head that is hard. His attitude prevented it then, and now. The machine doesn't run more often. I do my laundry weekly, sometimes in with towels and sheets, but he waits until he runs out of clothes, then crams it into one load. Maybe two. I think he separates his tighty-whities and socks from the shorts, jeans, and shirts.

  2. All that frettin' fornothing. I once got a soda from the fountain at Taco Bell with a fingernail in it. Never again!

    1. My angst was very real at the time. Now I am glad I've never gotten a soda at Taco Bell!

  3. Replies
    1. It was no laughing matter when there was a potential millipede in my ice bin!