Monday, June 17, 2024

Through the Eyes, Into the Brain, Over the Head, an Effort in Vain

You may recall that our adopted dog Scarlett (the red Australian Shepherd we rehomed from a former student who works in law enforcement and didn't want to keep her crated 12 hours a day) simply ADORES Hick. He is the one who has always fed her. Made sure she had a house. Let her off her cable when he thought she knew she belonged here. And the one who drove around to get her every time she ran off over the first few months. Also, the one who got her cable tangled around his Gator tire, and almost strangled her to death. Scarlett does not hold that near-fatal incident against him.

Scarlett tolerates me. Runs to greet me. Happily accepts a daily treat. But her heart lies with Hick. I tell him that all the time, and he just says, "Huh." Not in a questioning way, but just like, oh. Scarlett paces the porch when he's inside, hoping he will appear. Which Hick does, sometimes, to go pee off the porch. At which time Scarlett is ready to greet the object of her ADORATION, prancing and jumping, receiving nary a pat, but sometimes gets lucky with a, "Hello, Scarlett."

"You really could give Scarlett a little more attention. She ADORES you!"

I tell Hick that at least once a day. And he either says, "Huh," or something like:

"I'm going out to mow the yard. She'll come with me."

Indeed. Scarlett chooses a shady spot to lie where she can watch Hick on his mower. Not even me coming down the driveway, with Jack and neighbor dog Copper Jack barking their fool heads off to greet me, a treat imminent, can tear Scarlett away from her Hick-watch.

I was reminded of this attachment as I looked for a Father's Day card in 10Box. They have a decent selection, but there were no Father's Day cards. I figured they were on a special cardboard display up front by the service desk. At a spot where I'd have to push my cart as if SHOPLIFTING my groceries, or first check out, get a card, then go back through a line to pay.

It's not that I don't love Hick enough to put out that effort... but WHY, when there were some perfectly good cards for 99 cents right in front of me, that could work just as well as a $5 Hallmark card up front. Granted, I'd have to get one that was blank inside, and write my own message, but I'm a reasonably-educated woman, a former VALEDICTORIAN, you know, capable of conveying my sentiments in a greeting card.

The perfect card caught my eye. A sweet doggie, tilting its head in the way they do when they are trying to figure something out.

Inside, I wrote: 

Happy Father's Day
Even though you are sometimes hard to understand, I still ADORE you!

Well. Hick read the card. It seemed to take him a long time. Then he thanked me for it.

"Do you get it?"


"Really? Explain it."

Silence. "Well." Hick read it out loud. "It means you adore me."

"You're not getting it. See the dog on the front? How they turn their head when trying to understand? It's like when you 'explain' something to me. You don't make sense. But I still love you. I love you as much as SCARLETT loves you!"


To be fair, Hick is very similar in the way he treats me AND Scarlett. He provides just enough attention to keep us alive.


  1. Now the question is, did Hick understand your explanation? Ha!

    1. Heh, heh! Probably not! Hick kind of tilted his head...

      At least I made an effort. He also got a bag of mini Milky Way candy bars, a bag of butterscotch hard candies, and a bag of little sour cherry candies. No, I am NOT trying to kill him!

      That's more than I got for Mother's Day, which was a storebought card with only Hick's signature. No special message. No gift of any kind. Plus, I had to cook his supper, and then do some online business stuff for his SUS2 (Storage Unit Store 2).

  2. I KNEW he was going to say that! And you know why I knew. They just don't pay attention and then, when you have to explain it .... they are still somewhat in the dark!

    1. Of course you knew. You live with Hick's clone. I might just as well have given him the card BLANK! And he still would have said he understood.

  3. The dog on that card is saying "is that treat for me?"
    I guess emotions aren't high on Hick's radar.

    1. Treats are on Hick's radar, but not emotions.

  4. I think Tommy and Hick are related. Tommy does not get subtleties often. Or even outright statements. I sat with my head to one side tonight trying to understand what he was telling me. Of course, that could just be me.
    It is so cute how Scarlet loves Hick. He should pet her more.
    Practical Parsimony

    1. They definitely have their own way of looking at the world. Hick rarely pets the dogs. He DOES speak to them on his way here and there, and they LOVE chasing after him in SilverRedO. He needs to fix his Gator so they can follow it. Jack loves going down to the creek for swimming, but Hick won't walk or drive the truck down there.