Saturday, June 22, 2024

Maybe it Could Become an Air(less)bnb

While chatting with Genius over our BBQ lunch on Wednesday, he showed me a picture of his new dresser, or chest of drawers. Whatever you call them in your region. It was shorter than it was tall, and had four or five drawers that were wide, with no mirror on top. So take your pick for the terminology.

Anyhoo...Genius related a tale of woe concerning his new purchase.

"We had a storm a couple weeks ago. It wasn't so bad in Pittsburgh, but worse in the outlying areas. However, the lights flashed for just a second, and came right back on. The lightning didn't cut out our electricity. But it was just enough to disable the elevators in our apartment building. They're still not working! And it was during this time that the dresser arrived.

It came on boxes for each piece, and we had to assemble it. But first, we had to get all those boxes to the 4th floor! There was a cart we could use to pull the boxes to the stairs. But then we had to carry them up."

Genius showed me a picture of the pile of boxes. And then of the completed dresser.

"Huh. You could rent those out to Japanese businessmen to sleep in!"

Heh, heh. Genius is also a Seinfeld fan.


  1. I remember this Seinfeld episode. Kramer and his genius ideas. I was not a huge fan of Seinfeld, but my husband was, so I watched several episodes - some (unfortunately) more than once. Ha. Ranee (MN)

    1. Heh, heh! That's how I am about Gunsmoke. Hick watches them over and over. On the rare occasion that I'm sitting there while he has control of the remote, it's always an episode I have seen!

  2. Carrying these four stories must have been arduous. We watch Gunsmoke all the time, for hours sometimes, over and over. Seinfeld is great but not so great as Gunsmoke. Did he have friends to help him or delivery people?

    1. Genius's roommate, Friend, helped him. The delivery people had just dropped them off at the apartment building.

      I am just not a fan of Gunsmoke. Black and white, and even color, westerns do not appeal to me. The guys all look the same. I can't tell the characters apart. The exception being the original TRUE GRIT movie, one of my favorites. despite the bad acting.