Thursday, June 20, 2024

A Disfunctional Dinner With Thevictorians

Genius was passing through on Wednesday, on his way to Missouri Boys' State, where he works every summer, giving back in the form of time and free labor in their technology department. Only this year, he has some other job, supposedly more elevated, in putting out media for future attendees. Or as I call it, propaganda! 

Anyhoo... it's a good program in leadership for high school juniors. Most schools our size can send two students. Friend also contributes in the technology department. So we met them, driving 45 minutes north to a Bandana's BBQ restaurant for lunch. Or dinner. Whatever your region of the country calls it. Around here, the evening meal is SUPPER, and the noontime can be lunch or dinner. Which doesn't really fit the old breakfast, lunch, and dinner saying.

Anyhoo... we had a good visit while chowing down on BBQ.

I chose the Chicken Sandwich, with a side of slaw.

I picked dark meat chicken. Here, I've added two sauces. The Sweet and Smoky in the picture, and Chicago Sweet, which I can't really describe. The bun was buttered and toasted. I ate my sandwich with a fork stabbing the chicken, then taking a bit of the bun. I don't like messy food! The slaw was tasty, looking like the bagged variety, but with too much "juice." It was almost like slaw soup! I mainly ate the top of it, and left the soggy bottom.

Genius also chose a sandwich, the Burnt Ends, as well as slaw for his side.

Genius's sandwich looked a lot better before he put that top bun back on after saucing.

Friend had the Turkey Platter, with Baked Beans and Fries.

This was almost going to be my choice, but I decided on a sandwich.

Hick had the BBQ Baked Potato, with Baked Beans for his side.

This was a travesty! When I used to get the BBQ Baked Potato, it was much bigger. Like a Terrible Tater we get elsewhere. Look at this puny spud! It's almost like a new potato! There IS meat in there. And cheese. Hick has doused it with the butter and sour cream. He had two slices of garlic bread, but the other was tiny.

And now... for the disfunction. When we sat down, the roll of paper towels they have on each table was just a tube with a couple towels clinging to it. I said that when the waitress came to get our order, we needed to ask for more paper towels. Of course nary a one of us opened our mealy mouths to request more. So when the food came, Genius tore off a towel and handed it to me, and then he took the one he had to pry loose from the cardboard. Sorry, Hick and Friend! You're on your own! When the waiter came back to deliver Hick's sad potato, Hick DID ask, and we got a roll of paper towels.

Genius then strong-armed Friend into giving him a slice of garlic bread. That was dirty pool, since Friend had bitten off the small piece, saving the larger one for last. Of course that's the one Genius got. 

When Hick had first ordered his BBQ Baked Potato, he was told he got a side dish, and he said he wanted garlic bread. The waitress told him, "It comes with two slices of garlic bread. Do you want more?"

"Yes, I want my side to be garlic bread."

"Okay. That will be five slices of garlic bread all together..."

"Oh. Well. Then I don't want THAT much. I'll take baked beans."

After hearing Hick grousing to Friend about how they each got one good piece of garlic bread, and a tiny one, I felt bad for Hick. So I gave him half my bottom sandwich bun, which had a nice toast around the edge, plus some sauce that had leaked through my chicken pieces. Hick took it so gladly that I wished I had give him the whole bottom. But not enough to deny myself the other half.

A nice visit was had by all, and the food was tasty.


  1. Wow! Way to share the food. Good for all of you to chip in whatever could be spared to give to the others. Ha! I tell you Val, sometimes those sandwiches like the ones you & The Pony had get to be too big to fit into the mouth so I just take fork and knife to them in order to fit them into my mouth. I never thought to take the top bun off. I wonder if I'll remember that tip the next time I get a big sandwich.

    1. Besides not liking to make a mess, I also didn't want to ruin the crispy texture of that top bun by putting it back down on my added BBQ sauce!

  2. Great food.! I love the sweet and sour bbq sauce. CAnnot go wrong with that sauce. I always use a fork to eat bbq.

    1. Yes, it was a good sauce. I usually don't get a sandwich, because it ends up on my shirt if I pick it up. So the fork was a good choice.

  3. If the bbq can be eaten in hand, then it is not a great bbq sandwich. I always eat it with knife and fork. I like how your boys take care of you. I could smell that food!

    1. Maybe Genius just thought I was the sloppiest eater of us four! So gave me the best paper towel. The whole restaurant smelled great! I can smell it now, just looking back at the plates. Pretty good for a chain restaurant.