Monday, April 8, 2024

Hopefully, The Pony Has Someone Watching Over Him

With my parental helicopter up on blocks, I hope The Pony has somebody watching over him as he completes his route on Monday. The latest update on his March 28 dog bite shows the expanded bruise, but the wound seems to be healing. The Pony said on April 6 that it had a big knot. Felt like a strand of barbed wire running down to his calf when walking. He thinks a muscle is stiff/caught in that area, since he can trace it with his finger. 

There have been signs that someone might be looking out for The Pony. Like on Monday, APRIL FOOLS DAY, at 2:19, when I got this text:

"Guess I'm just really feeling my own mortality given I have this next to me to deliver:"

That's no joke!

Then at 3:02, I got another illustrated text:

"Aww. Guess Grandma is watching and worrying too. Just showed up in the middle of my mail:"

That's kind of random. Along with Saturday's uncommon sighting:

It's not often that The Pony goes into Country Mart. Maybe once a month. But here was a cake that caught his attention.

Anyhoo... with the total solar eclipse happening Monday, while The Pony will be delivering the mail, I want to caution him to be alert. Not because I think the apopadopalous (as Hick calls it) is about to happen. But because people will likely be out in their yards, looking at the sky. And they might have their dogs with them, or in the yard as usual. Dogs like to protect their people. So I think The Pony should be extra alert. And not deliver with loose dogs, even though their people are out. Also, you never know when animals might react differently due to an eclipse. Supposedly, animals sense an earthquake coming, and exhibit unusual behavior. I guess that could happen with a total eclipse.

Better safe than sorry, but I don't want to make The Pony anxious. Maybe I'll just mention how dogs might be over-protective of their people.

Don't want to spook The Pony, but I'd like him to take extra precautions. Since he's such a tasty treat to those dogs, you know.


  1. Hi Val, I had to laugh at the lady bugs, especially The Pony finding the lady bug cake. His grandma is watching over him for sure:)

    1. I haven't seen a ladybug in a couple years now. The Pony definitely needs over-watching more than I do! He's a regular ladybug magnet these days.

  2. The eclipse is almost over, so maybe he does not need a caution now. But, I would also worry about distracted drivers during the eclipse.

    The mother in me says he should go to a doctor and explain the feeling in his leg, even if it goes away. I have found that hurts like to come back 20 years later and remind us how bad it really was.

    1. The Pony survived the eclipse. Distracted drivers are enough a problem on normal days. One of the rural carriers was hit from behind, and spent several months out of work with severe injuries. At least The Pony's route is in town, where there's a 30 mph speed limit. Not that a distracted driver will for sure obey the law...

      The Pony thinks his leg is getting better. Feeling like barbed wire inside instead of razor wire, after two days.

  3. It's nice that he is seeing ladybugs now. I think he should be clanking down those streets in a suit of armor while the eclipse is happening. Or triple layers of leather pants. He'll sweat enough that they slide off easily at the end of the day.....

    1. The Pony wears shorts at 50 degrees or higher, so no deal on the leather pants. The suit of armor might tempt him, because he likes such ancient items.