Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Sometimes, the Old Ways Are the Best

Val was draggin' on Monday, with a headache like a vise squeezing her forehead. Pretty sure that's from a lack of sleep two nights in a row. It's no secret that I stay up late and sleep in. But the late got later, and sleeping in was out, with phone calls disturbing my beauty sleep.

Saturday night, I didn't fall asleep in my OPC (Old People Chair) until after 8:00 a.m. That's when The Pony left for his 8:30 shift. I'd meant to snooze off earlier, but was caught up in catching up on my three DVRs of MTV's The Challenge. They're 90 minutes long, but less than an hour each when you fast-forward through the commercials.

Anyhoo... on Sunday night, I spent 1:30 a.m. to 3:30 a.m. looking for Pony documents. Since his Worker's Comp claim denial was reversed, The Pony's new office manager said to bring in his forms from the doctor showing that he was not released for work during his broken-ankle time, and his supervisor would re-submit them to get The Pony his Continuation of Pay for that time.

To be fair, The Pony sent me an email at 8:30 p.m. with those forms attached. He said he took a phone scan of all his documents before submitting them. His email said that a couple might be duplicates, but to print all six. My printer in my lair won't print. Only copies. Something is always hung up in queue. So I have to print to the copier in Hick's workshop. Which is cantankerous, and makes you turn it off, then back on, to get the next copy in queue. So I did that six times. Even though I saw that EVERY DOCUMENT WAS IDENTICAL!

That one document only covered a two-week period. But I found the next two-week one in an old email from The Pony. Another I had to go up those 13 rail-less steps and dig around in a box until I found the third document. So those three covered all the weeks except the first two. Which he doesn't have, because Urgent Care refused to fill one out, saying they couldn't diagnose a broken ankle, even though they took an x-ray and labeled it a fracture. HOWEVER, I found a totally different form with the podiatrist's signature, listing the date of disability from July 15 to September 13. So that MIGHT suffice, if I can find the Urgent Care letter refusing to fill out the initial form.

Here's my point: Sometimes, the old ways are the best. 
If only The Pony would have put his documents in a folder labeled with contents and dates, and put those folders in a box, I could have found what he needed in 10 minutes or less. Every time he's asked me to print something from a scan, or from an original, I've made an extra set of copies. So it should have all been ready to pull out of a folder and take to work.

Even with my "work" done, I stayed up until 4:35. That's when I heard The Pony get up for his shower. I was kind of waiting, because a couple weeks ago, The Pony overslept for his 5:30 a.m. shift, and was almost 30 minutes late. He called in, at least. And last week, I just happened to wake up at 4:45, and hollered up to see if The Pony was awake, to which he said, "I am NOW!" and barely got ready in time. It's hard working 12 hours a day, 11 days in a row, and getting up at 4:30 a.m.

The Pony says he sets his alarm, but it doesn't wake him. I suggested a different tone, and he said he uses eight different tones, so he doesn't get used to one.

I'm pretty sure an old-fashioned clangy windy-up clock would wake him. The kind you want to throw across the room because it's so annoying. But it has no SNOOZE option.

Did I mention that I think SOMETIMES, THE OLD WAYS ARE THE BEST!

Of course that doesn't include the practice of shooting an equine with a broken ankle...


  1. I do agree with the old ways...sometimes.

    Who is going to wake Pony when he moves into his Pony House?

    1. I would presume Pony's phone alarm, or his supervisor when he doesn't show up, or whoever he might eventually capture to spend the night at his house!

      Since he started working April 24, I have only woken him that one time. Another time I was up on a bathroom break, noticed he wasn't moving around, but assumed he would get up on time. He didn't. Since then I've felt guilty about not trying to wake him then. If I happen to be up, I'll keep an ear out.

  2. That saga is absolute proof that the old ways are the best. I wonder what "old ways" the Ponies of the world will be claiming are the best when they get to be our age.

    1. I'm pretty sure they'll claim living at home and having Mom wake you for work, and have supper waiting when you get home where you're living for free... is the BEST!

    2. "Our" age! Val, this is from a man who interviewed John Wayne, a YOUNG John Wayne. Surely you are not in his age group.

    3. I am aware of Bruce's interview history. I merely assumed he was referring to "our age" as an older generation than The Pony. But now... BUT NOW... I AM OUTRAGED! How dare he assume I am older than my true age!!!

      Thank you for pointing that out. Indeed, I am NOT old enough to have interviewed a young John Wayne. I was basically an infant (a 4th grade infant) when I fell in love with John Wayne's movie TRUE GRIT. Some good detective work, and a knowledge of school ages, will help you decipher my true age.

  3. I agree with you on The Pony and his documents, from the very beginning ALL paperwork should have been filed in one easily found folder. With all that schlepping around you can give yourself a pat on the back for getting extra exercise.

    1. He started out keeping his papers in a manila envelope beside the recliner where he lived for two weeks. I guess that might be in his room now. I don't dare to enter!!!

      I'd give myself a pat on the back, but I'd probably strain a muscle. I've been limping extra since my overexertion.