Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Knock, Knock, Who'd Dare?

A bit of a controversy has arisen over the placement of the Master Bedroom door in Pony House. Okay. I'll admit that the controversy was created by Val. Hick sees nothing wrong with his workmanship. In fact, he's proud of it. So proud that he took a picture, which he sent to me, which started the controversy. 
I am hearing the faint sing-songy question posed by my second best old ex-teaching buddy Karen, who used to beat me in hand after hand of poker (for pretzel sticks!), and ask the room: "When will she EVER learn?" Yeah. Too bad Hick didn't have a best old ex-teaching buddy Karen. Or he might quit sending me controversial pictures.

Here. You be the judge. But don't forget that Val reserves the duties of jury and executioner for her ownself.

Here's the Pony House living room, in a picture taken from the front door. You can see the furnace room has been drywalled. And the hallway to the back door, with the half-bath on the left. And then there's the door of contention on the living room wall.

Who would DARE to hang a bedroom door that opens out into the living room, where it can hit any furniture placed behind it??? A door opening out into the living room wouldn't be so bad if it at least opened against the wall there by the half-bath. Nothing is going to be on that wall.

Hick says it's normal the way he has placed it. I disagree. I wouldn't spend $23,000 on a house with a wonky door!

"It will limit where you can put furniture in the living room! Why can't it open the other way?"

"Because then The Pony can't reach the light switch! It would be behind the door!"

"WHAT light switch?"

"In the bedroom."

"How does that door affect the bedroom light switch?"

"If I put the door the other way, it will."

"Well, that's just poor planning! But I mean to keep the door opening out into the living room, just the other way. Up against that wall."

"Val. Doors come in left-opening or right-opening. Because of the hinges."

"Can't you just flip it upside down?"

"I COULD. But I'd have to adjust the hinges."

"Is that really so hard?"

"No. Not really. But the door is fine how it is."

"Huh. Better ask The Pony. And everyone looking at it tomorrow when we show Genius and Niecy the house."

"I'm sure they'll agree with ME. It's common sense. Ain't nothin' wrong with how that door opens."

I beg to differ. 
The Pony looked at the picture, and said, "Actually, I'm fine with it. And MY opinion should be the only one that matters."

He'll be neighing a different tune, straight out of his Pony mouth, after the bazillionth time he opens that door and whacks a lamp off an end table.


  1. I agree with you. The guys are wrong.

  2. Ideally it should open into the bedroom, but with the light switch already in place, opening left or right becomes an issue. I'd vote heavily for flipping it upside down and doing what needs to be done with the hinges and latch. It will probably stay as it is though since The Pony says it's fine.

    1. I agree with you on all points, and you know Hick well, because The Pony has given him the perfect excuse to leave that door the way it is!

    2. If you just flipped it upside down the handle would be at a weird height. (I before E except after C or weird height.)

    3. OR... maybe Hick could turn the door around, with the handle on the left-hand side, and JUST FLIP THE HINGES UPSIDE DOWN! Am I visualizing that right? I tried to make a sample hinge out of an index card, and fiddled around with it.

  3. I'm with you on this. It should open into the bedroom, not out into the living room. It looks like it's a closet door or a door to the outside this way. Sorry Hick. Ranee (MN)

    1. This is one of seven doors that Hick got ABSOLUTELY FREE. So of course he will use it rather than buy a door for $200. Still, he KNOWS how to fix it to at least open against the wall. He just doesn't want to, because it's not some flashy job that he can show off.

  4. You may have a point, shouldn't be a huge problem to change it if it becomes a problem. I suspect most guys would not have an issue, just move the damn lamp.

    1. Aha! That can be something for Hick to do, once Pony House is complete and occupied. A little touch-up work to keep him busy.

      Pony is SO READY to move into his house (OUT OF OURS), that of course he will say it doesn't matter to him. As long as he has fast internet, and a bathtub with jets, The Pony will be satisfied. Oh, and tall toilets.

  5. I am with you! If the door has to open out, it should swing against the wall. Of course you seem to have caught the error at a perfect time to comply with your instructions and fix it. But you are dealing with a certain type of man who will go ahead and trim it out and paint everything before he admits that you were right!

    1. We have a small closet in our living room, about 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep. He put the door to open IN! I asked what's the point of a closet where you can't store anything, other than a few items on shelves to one side. It took over 6 months of complaining before he switched the door to open OUT.