Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Can't Help But Share

You know the Super Bowl is coming up, right?

Forget about it! Puppy Bowl IX is where it's at! Here's a link to the most heartwarming spectacle ever. Genius and I watched it one year. You don't mean to sit down and waste all that time. It just happens. You'll find yourself rooting on your favorites. "Get away from him! Look out! That's not fair, you big bully!"

Just when you think it can't get any better...THERE'S KITTY HALF-TIME!

I know! Exclamation points don't do it justice. I'm trying to share this feel-good event so others can feel as good as I. Had to use proper grammar, clunky as it sounds. It's not such a stretch from my everyday feelgood stories of unicorns and rainbows.

If you have Animal Planet, mark your calendar. Or maybe you can find it online later.

PUPPIES! Fluffy KITTIES! Oh, yeah!


  1. Puppy Bowl is much more interesting and a heck of a lot more fun then the regular Super Bowl.

  2. I tune in during half-time so I don't have to watch some a-hole get more money than any of the players to lip-synch for 15 minutes to the backdrop of the Grucci fireworks display.

  3. This is the Val I know and love. Posts full of unicorns and rainbows and butterflies (you forgot those).

    The end of snark.

    The end of smarta**.

    Long live the new Val.

  4. Val, what did they put in your diet Coke at the gas station?

  5. Stephen,
    But the anticipation for the commercials is not as great.

    I am still seething that baseball players are paid such exorbitant salaries for trotting around the bases, while football players receive a mere pittance for risking life and limb on every play. Sure, baseball season has more games. But how hard is it, really, sitting and standing around until your three or four turns to let a deadly 100 mph pitch come at you?

    I am just a big ol' Stay Puft Marshmallow woman. Though one who has been burned. It is sometimes hard to penetrate my crusty outer shell. The unicorns use their horns, and the rainbows chuck those gold coins from their end pot...but the butterflies have not yet found a way in.

    I don't know. First they shrunk the chicken, now THIS!

    I challenge anybody to watch without cooing at the little critters.