Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Denizen of the Deep?

The Pony ventured to the basement of The Book House to look for bargains. But mainly just to see the basement. To see if there was any ghostly vibe down there. He's one for watching ghost-hunting shows. Even that fakey one on The Travel Channel where the dude berates the spirits. The one I refuse to watch.

He took a few pictures with his camera. One came out totally blurred, though he swore he held his phone just as steady as he did with the other three pictures. Here's two that he found interesting.

Okay. So The Pony lacks focus. But the part of the picture he likes is the streak that comes down in front of that light. And the glare between two lights in the next picture.

The Pony enjoyed himself immensely. He burned through Ender's Game, which Sioux bought for him, between 7:00 Sunday evening, and noon on Monday. He said it was the BEST BOOK EVER, and asked for the rest of the series for Christmas. Tuesday he started one of the science fiction books he bought, finished it tonight, and asked for another. Of course I gave in. He will just have to cry on Christmas morning when there is nothing under the tree for him besides that series.

Yeah. Well. That's probably not going to happen.


  1. I went crazy enough (book-wise) just on the main floor. The basement? The top floor? No way!

    You're lucky The Pony survived 20,000 volumes under the ground. That Book House is a scary place...

  2. Those pictures do give the impression that paranormal activity is about to happen. Spooky!

  3. Does the paranormal appear more to you and yours or do you just bring out the otherworldy and metaphysical in a place?

  4. Sioux,
    The Pony is a Jules Verne fan. He would appreciate your reference. Did you know Verne is free on the Kindle? He used to be, anyway. Genius and I loaded up a bundle of books before re-wrapping The Pony's Christmas gift a few years ago.

    I might not say you WENT crazy...

    The Pony has a vivid imagination. When we stop at the mailbox on the way home, and darkness has already fallen out here in the middle of the woods, I tell him: "I'll leave the lights on bright so you can see. And if I notice anything coming after you, I'll honk." He does not like that one bit. I don't have the heart to honk. A Pony jumping out of his own skin would not be a pretty sight.

    That is a good question. We built our house after clearing the land, so there should be no residual activity here. Yet I saw that headless man in the basement. I've also seen odd things in a school gym when locking up at night. And I don't mean students.

  5. I love the basement of the Bookhouse... and that's so cool that Pony reads so much.

  6. Lynn,
    The Pony is so full of books, he's a Kindle and a Nook, rolled into one.