Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We're Rolling in It

Genius is on a roll.

Not only did he score a dozen Krispy Kremes for himself on Saturday...another dozen is in his future for Friday, when the school fundraiser batch arrives.

In addition, he sold his $20 auction camera and lenses for $75 this afternoon on eBay, buy-it-now, through PayPal.

When he got home, he picked up the mail and discovered his MIT application and paperwork. He must schedule an interview before October 1st.

I am on my own special kind of teacher roll.

There were no incidents or accidents during my morning and afternoon parking lot duty. Yesterday and today, I ran a plethora of copies for the next three weeks, and the copier did not even hiccup. No jamming. A bare minimum of paper-feeding. Today was club day, resulting in three classes with reduced numbers of students. Today was also teacher payday, my first since June 5th.

The Pony is playing his very special role in high school. It's the role of shy nerd. Some of the volleyball girls go by my classroom after school, and call in to him. "It's POOOONNNNYYYYY!" And he ducks his head and won't look at them. Which only encourages them.

Hick would like to eat a roll.


  1. Does Krispy Kreme make rolls? Sounds like a donut war is brewing at your place.

  2. Unfrakkin real! Hick only wants bread?!? Even Steven, Karma and god knows what else is winging its way to your mansion. Something is on the horizon - keep me posted if you survive!

  3. Bio-rhythms intersecting, stars align, The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius--whatever. Take the positive any way you can get it. Let the Sun Shine! the Suuuun Shine In!

  4. Everyone over the age of 50 wants a roll, but that only means (for most of us) that another ROLL on our gut will develop.

    Let The Genius gobble those Krispy Kremes in the near future, you continue rolling the handle of that mimeograph--oops, copy--machine, ignore The Pony as he rolls his eyes in mock shyness, and tell Hick to buck up and either relish the roll (in more ways than one) or suck it up.

  5. Huh? Maybe since it's 1:30 am, I have no idea what I just read or what it means....*sigh*. As The Ronald would say, "Say goodnight, Bea." To which I always reply, "Goodnight, Bea."

  6. Stephen,
    I don't tell me. I've never been inside Krispy Kreme. I just buy them when the clubs at school sell them as fundraisers. I'm not driving sixty miles to buy donuts. I doubt they make rolls. We would be needin' the Throwed Roll Restaurant for that. It's even more than sixty miles away.

    Well, I DID win PowerBall the other night. Of course, it's not the jackpot, but seven dollars is seven dollars. That's eight and three-fourths of a 44 oz. Diet Coke!

    For your next selection, I would like to hear the title song, "Hair." We listen to Sirius XM, the Sixties, sometimes on the way to school. The Pony loves him some Hair.

    You had me at mimeograph. How I loathed that creature! Purple here, purple there, even purple in my long beautiful hair. Let's call Leenie to write a song about it.

    Maybe I need a disclaimer in the header: Topics may not always make sense. Or maybe I could market my blog as a non-prescription sleep aid. It's going to take a while to dream up a better symbol than that giant green luna moth.

  7. Thanks, Val. I really appreciate your kindness! I was skeered to stop back and see how much fun you made of me :o

  8. Krispy Kreme is a religion in the south. When my kids were in elementary school one of the planned field trips was always Krispy Kreme. Every grade. The children were marched through the making of the donuts and at the end of the tour everyone got a free hot donut and a carton of milk. I had 3 kids and 3 different classes and managed to be a volunteer in each class. I scored 3 free donuts every year!!

  9. Becky,
    Yes. I am a well-known fun-maker of folks who comment!

    Way to stick it to The Man. The DONUT Man. Of course, no amount of donuts could make it worth my while to accompany elementary school children on a field trip. You were underpaid in donuts, I fear.