Sunday, January 31, 2021

Two Winners and One (Double) Loser

Hick was the big winner on our casino trip during Wednesday's snow storm. He left with a little more than double his bankroll. I also left with a profit. Not double my bankroll, but a profit. More that two cents, heh, heh! The poor Pony lost about half his bankroll. He was barely a loser until I changed the plan, and stayed another 15 minutes. To be fair, I am NOT taking the blame he wants to place on me. I was in a bonus, and he could have stood by to watch, rather than dashing back into the slot rows and re-feeding slots the money he had cashed out.

Even worse than a monetary loss, The Pony suffered an indignity!

"People in the casino are just RUDE!. There was a lady sitting next to me, at the back wall on the big dragon game, smoking."

"Did she get the smoke on you?"

"No. But when she got done smoking, she coughed. I mean, she was wearing a mask, but when she coughed, she TURNED AND FACED ME AND COUGHED RIGHT AT ME!"

"Didn't you have a divider?"

"Yeah. I think we had a divider. I was just so shocked that she'd turn RIGHT AT ME to cough!"

"I had one hold her cigarette under the divider, so the smoke blew on me."

"They're just rude."

Preachin' to the choir, Pony!

Here are some colorful slot pictures. Because I go to the casino so you don't have to! This was the bonus that delayed The Pony into a bigger loss.
I hit the Super Free Games bonus on Wonder 4 Tall Fortunes, in the Indian Dreaming game. It took me all the way to the top, but didn't pay much. To be fair, I was betting $1, which is 25 cents per game on the regular 4-game screen. AND I was down to 27 cents left from my twenty when I hit the bonus. So I'm not complaining.

A regular bonus, with the single screen, paid me just as well before lunch.

 It was only 10s, but that X3 symbol helped.

My best win of the day came soon after we arrived. It was the second slot I played.

This is Wild, Wild Nugget. It shows my bonus win (after 15 free games) of $239.25. In the bonus, I hit two WILD symbols in that red-edged section on the left. Then I hit some NUGGETS in the gold-edged section. I DID get a pic of the nuggets:

I had a X3 and a X2 multiplier from the WILDs, but I cut off part of the screen. Below is a pic showing just how important those multipliers were in adding up my bonus total.

The nuggets added up to $27, but the X3 and X2 multiplied it by 6, for a delicious extra total of $162. That's what helped my bonus total reach $239.25. Anyhoo... this slot was giving free games like crazy, so I played it a long time, switching my bets around from 50 cents to 1.00 to 1.50. I was lucky to be on 1.50 when that bonus hit.

I'm definitely missing my special Buffalo Gold slot that has been removed. They've added a Buffalo Diamond, of which I am not a fan. The Buffaloes didn't come out for me on the Tall Fortunes slot, either. I'm still a loyal Buffalo Val, but these other two slots made me happy (and not a loser!) this trip.

Tomorrow, we'll cover the dining situation.


  1. It is good to see names again.

    Here in CA, casinos are kinda tricky when it comes to quarantine.

    1. Thank goodness my favorite YouTube slot guy still gets around, and posts a daily video! I think he lives in California. Maybe Palm Springs. It's ALMOST as fun for me to watch as it is to play.

  2. Okay, so I am learning a little gambling lingo. Good on the money win.

    1. Good to know. I consider this an educational blog! If you need to know about FREE meat and slots, I'm your Val.

  3. For sure The Pony's loss was NOT your fault. Nobody forced him to go back and play those extra losing games.
    I like the look of that gold nugget screen.

    1. Thank you for the VALidation! I only lose my own money, not someone else's.

      There's another version called Wild Wild Samurai. I like the looks of the Nugget game better, but I might give the Samurai a whirl next time we go.