Saturday, April 18, 2015

Peepers Keepers!

Do you know what's more unpopular than Carrie at the prom?

These things:

It's true! I was in Walmart on Thursday, and they had a bin of these right by the door, in that seasonal stuff that won't sell, that they're trying to push at a deep discount just to get it out of the store. Of course I bought some! There were ten packages, and I took four. That's because I LOVE PEEPS!

"But Val," you say. "How do you know you love THESE PEEPS, when you don't even know what flavor they are?" Flavor? Who cares what flavor? Not Val. They're PEEPS, by cracky! I thought I'd seen the end of them until at least Halloween. You know. When Walmart starts putting out their Christmas stuff.

Last night I ripped open a package and sampled them. I think I showed amazing restraint, actually, what with buying them before noon on Thursday, and waiting until Friday night during Amazing Race to open them. Now, as for the flavor...I'm not sure. They smelled really familiar. I took a whiff, and said to myself, "Oh. I know what that is." But my nose and tongue couldn't quite put their finger on it. I'm pretty sure it was either sour green apple, or angel food cake.

Anyhoo...I've got me some PEEPS. Doesn't matter if they're two weeks past their official holiday. Doesn't matter if they were cooling their beady eyes in a bargain bin. Doesn't matter that they're almost as pale as Sissy Spacek.

Even Carrie got a date for the prom.


  1. My wife loves Peeps and I bought her a package of pink ones for Easter. Personally, I rather dislike them.

  2. I hate those things with a fiery hot passion. An old boyfriend bought me the yellow ones once and I had to throw them out. Awful!

  3. The nose doesn't know? And the tongue's not helping? It says SAVORY on the label/ What?!

  4. Stephen,
    That's why she keeps you around...the great personal sacrifices you make to keep her happy.

    See, that's why you didn't keep him around. He did not know you well enough, and his personal sacrifices were nil, because he made no effort to investigate nor memorize your preferences!

    You're with Stephen, but not to the extent of buying pink PEEPS for Mrs. Cranky, apparently. (You jerk).

    I think that was supposed to be part of its appeal, the mystery. Though even a PEEPS aficionado such as myself has no desire to chomp into a savory PEEP. What is it, roast beef?

    Points for giving the appearance of neutrality.

    MORE FOR MEEEEE! How magnanimous of you, Madam, for allowing me the pleasure of wallowing in squishy bliss of the (perhaps savory) treat I ferreted out and purchased for myself!

  5. Oh my gosh, what a find! That makes me want to rush right out to Walmart to buy some as gifts. Then I'd secretly hope someone got some savory ones, like Chili Cheese flavored. I bet it would be too much to hope for.

  6. Tammy,
    You go, gal! Rush out and get some for Stephen, Birdie, Joe H., and Sioux! I'm sure they just haven't tried the right PEEP.