Monday, June 5, 2023

Proving My Potato Salad Point

Remember a month ago, when Genius asked for my potato salad recipe, to take this tasty dish to a BBQ? And I concluded the tale by saying: "Give a man potato salad and he eats for a day. Teach a man to make potato salad, and he gets invited to BBQs for life." Well. The proof is in the potato salad.

I got a text from Genius on Friday night:

"Made another batch of potato salad for a pool party we're hosting tomorrow! [Okay. So technically, Genius is invited to his own pool party, which is similar to a BBQ...] Forgot to buy eggs, so no eggs this time." 

"Mmm. I've made it without eggs, and didn't notice until the next time that I made it. Maybe you can send me a picture of it."

The picture came on Saturday morning:

"I make it with way more mayo and mustard than you say to. 3lbs of potatoes, roughly half a cup of mayo, slightly less mustard, and still added some celery seeds and apple cider vinegar. Everyone really liked it last time so I'm sure it will be a hit again."

"I'm sure!"

Man does not live by potato salad alone. Genius also sent another picture:

"Look how cute my swim trunks are!"

"They are very cute. Looks like a hamburger over a palm tree logo!"

"LOL. I do see that."

I have a feeling that Genius's potato salad recipe will last many more years than his swim trunks.


  1. My first thought was "holy moley that's yellow!" then I read about the mustard which explains the colour. Nice trunks :)

    1. Yes, when I saw the picture, I could almost taste the tartness of the mustard! There's something pleasing about the colors of the trunks fading into each other.

  2. I like less mustard, but he has that recipe down!

    1. I like less mayo. I'm fine if it barely holds together.