Saturday, May 26, 2018

Val's Pennycents Was on Alert

Coming down to the wire this week, I'd at least scored ONE SINGLE PENNY to save my Saturday Cents installment. So the pressure was off. I was not desperate to nab another. Which meant, I guess, that my penny-finding muscle could relax, and let my penny-sense take over.

Here's the penny that found me on MONDAY, May 21st. I had no business finding it, you see. A change of plans put me there. Actually, it was my foul temper that put me there. I had every intention of stopping by Waterside Mart on my way home from a doctor nurse practitioner appointment. I was not pleased with the behavior of some office workers, and when I saw that my three favorite parking places at Waterside Mart were taken (TAKEN), I went on by, deciding to purchase my scratchers at Country Mart.

Turning into Country Mart's drive, I saw that two of my favorite parking spots there were also taken. TAKEN! So I went down the row to my third-favorite, put T-Hoe in PARK, climbed out, and saw...

A penny waiting just for me! Take THAT, Waterside Mart!

It was a 2016, which, as you can see (if you zoom in), was FACE DOWN. I'd like to say it brought me luck on scratchers, but sadly, it did not.

On FRIDAY, May 25, almost zero hour for penny-finding, what with me preparing my posts a day very first stop provided my penny. I was headed to the main post office to mail the weekly letters for Genius and The Pony, and I needed to pick up two scratchers (at two different places) to stick in Genius's envelope.

I went into Orb K, surveyed the ticket board as I waited, second in line, then stepped up to request my scratchers. Wait a minute! What's this? A PENNY? A penny laying on the advertising mat on the counter. Not near the register. On the edge, almost teetering. A loose penny! Waiting for me to pick it up! Not on the floor. Not near the TAKE A PENNY dish. It was a good two feet diagonally away from that penny-dish. As soon as the clerk squatted down to tear off my tickets, I scooped that penny off the counter and put it in my pants pocket.

That's not stealing, is it? Because I really don't want that on my permanent record! I figured a penny on the counter is fair game. It doesn't belong to the store. The customer ahead of me had a chance at it, and didn't take it with him. Maybe someone had found it on the floor and laid it on the counter! Saving me a step in my penny harvest. I didn't get a picture, though, because I didn't want to look suspicious. Didn't want to draw attention to myself. I was pretty happy walking out the door with my new penny, which turned out to be a 1994 (the Genius year, how fitting) which had been FACE DOWN on the counter.

My second stop on the way to the post office was Waterside Mart, for two more tickets. Surely you don't think I'd buy one for Genius and not get one for myself! I got my business done, and decided to make use of their restrooms, since I still had a couple more errands ahead of me. I got THAT business done, and on the way out, taking the next aisle over that I wouldn't have been on if I'd not made that pit stop...I saw a PENNY ON THE FLOOR!

Uh huh. Right there on the large gray tiles of Waterside Mart. Forgive me for not getting a picture! There was a worker there on his knees, opening a cardboard box to stock a shelf. His head was about two feet away from my intended penny. I didn't want any questions, so I merely stooped to pick it up, and slid it into my shirt pocket. This one was a 1992, also FACE DOWN.

Once home, I figured you did deserve some kind of picture. I know how you look forward to Saturday Cents!!!

There they are, waiting to join their brethren Abes in the penny goblet. Not that grungy dime over in the corner of the picture! That's actually after I brought it back in the house and tried to scrub it! I was getting my 44 oz Diet Coke money ready last week, and couldn't tell if it was a dime or a penny, except by comparing the size. I didn't want The Gas Station Chicken Store clerk to think I was pulling a fast one, and passing off a penny for a dime. It came from the change I bought from Hick out of his Storage Unit Store collection. two newest pennies look like they have different Abe Lincolns on them. They're like fraternal twins, not identical.

Yes, Friday was a good day for Val. Two pennies found in her first two stops. And on the last stop, at The Gas Station Chicken Store, a LADYBUG appeared right in front of my eyes as I pulled up to the moat to park! I grabbed my phone to take a picture.

What? You don't see the ladybug? That's because it was too fast for me, and crawled up onto the roof while my camera was snapping the picture. I got a nice shot of a storm cloud, though. And the tops of the lights in the CeilingReds parking lot.

But WAIT! Rocketing even closer to the zero hour of 4:49 p.m., when this pre-prepared Saturday Cents was supposed to publish itself on SATURDAY, May 26th...I found ANOTHER penny on my way into Orb K at 11:40 a.m. Ain't that always how it goes? I swear, if I'd had a hoarder house stuffed with small metal forks, and was going to be evicted in two hours for over-forking...I bet I couldn't PAY a teenage girl to throw one way with her paper plate of barbecue!

Anyhoo...I saw this penny on the way in, right on the corner where the two sidewalks come together, where Orb K has now installed a brand-spankin'-new FREE AIR machine. I went past it, because a lady in a black SUV had just parked there, after first pulling in beside T-Hoe way down at the end space, even though this one and four others between us were empty. I figured she'd be gone when I came out, and I could abscond with my rightful penny.

But NO!!! She was still there. Hang it all! I said to myself, speaking like Huck Finn in Tom Sawyer. I'm taking my rightful penny, and I'm taking a picture to prove it happened! Though I WAS careful not to bend over with my ample rumpus facing the windshield of that black SUV. LOOK! You can even see part of her bumper in my picture. She had pulled closer, and was hanging over the sidewalk since I went inside. I'm sure it wasn't to thwart my penny-pinching.

Face down, it was, a 1994 (the Genius year). Funny how I'd just been texting Genius before I went in Orb K, about his new pet, a rescue doggie. So...I found four pennies this week, and ALL were face down. Maybe The Universe is trying to tell me something. I'm not pickin' up what it's layin' down. Except those face-down pennies.

Yeah, Friday seemed to be my lucky day. Not for my scratchermania, though. Only won $5.

Still...sometimes two pennies and a ladybug make you feel richer than a scratcher jackpot.


For 2018: Pennies # 40, 41, 42, 43.
For 2018: Dimes still at  # 8.
For 2018: Nickels still at # 2.

Since 2017 (the beginning), this was Penny # 118, 119, 120, 121.
Since 2017 (the beginning), this was still Dime # 14.
Since 2017 (the beginning), this was still Nickel # 2.


  1. I Googled finding a face down penny and it says that face down is bad must be true, it is on the internet. But then I think if someone special is leaving them for you they may be face down so you know they are just for you.

    1. Yeah, I didn't even have to Google. My boys have always told me that. "It's face down! Don't pick it up!" Pshaw! It's a free penny, by cracky!

      I AM concerned about more than half of my pennies being found with Abe face down. Especially since I'm in a scratcher slump. Coincidence? Did the face-down pennies come first? Or is the bad luck scratcher streak also giving me sparse and face-planted pennies?

      It's as complicated as the chicken and the egg.

  2. Pennies and a ladybug! What more could a girl want in one day? I picked up a five cent piece this week and later in the day had to miss my chance at a ten cent piece because I was being swept along with the crowd on a busy footpath.

    1. Dang the crowds and full speed ahead! You can't take a chance on bending over like that, even for a TEN cent piece!

  3. Are you rich yet?

    1. You'd better sit down. I don't want to be responsible for the shock of my answer causing a faint!

      I have not yet become a Pennyillionaire.