Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Backroads Mystery

We have a problem, my blogfriends. Right here in Backroads City.


I know, right? Such a problem to have. We (it takes a village to find a million-dollar winner) don't know who bought the winning ticket. But you'll never guess who sold it. Okay. Maybe you will.


Don't you worry about Val being the problem. I don't buy PowerBall tickets, and that's the game that won the million dollars on Saturday night's drawing. I first heard about the news on Monday, when Man Owner told me as I bought two scratchers.

"Oh. Well, that's GREAT! I'm really happy for the winner. Because I don't play PowerBall. Now if it had been won on a scratcher that I buy, I might not be so happy for them..."

I should have figured something was up, because three dudes were standing right outside the door, leaning on the bed of a pickup truck, when I came in. One of them was saying, "Sure, it was ME! I'll go home and get it."

On Tuesday, the winner still had not appeared. Lady Owner was working, and she asked the lady ahead of me if she'd checked her PowerBall tickets yet. The lady said no, and I audibly gasped. She might have been the winner! She still had a chance, until she checked her tickets. Lady Owner said she hoped the winner was someone local, "Not just someone passing through, from Minnesota to Texas." Not even sure we're on a direct route for that journey. But I understand her sentiments.

By Wednesday, word got out. The local paper ran an article, basically stating that there was a million-dollar winner bought on PowerBall at The Gas Station Chicken Store. With a quote from Lady Owner that she was planning to call the Missouri Lottery office to see it the prize had been claimed, but she'd been too busy.

My sister the ex-mayor's wife sent me a text at 7:29 p.m. Probably during a commercial break for Survivor. I know she's a fan. "Are you the million dollar winner from The Gas Station Chicken Store?"

"No. I don't buy PowerBall."

"Okay. Just checking."

Hick thinks the winner probably knows they're the winner, and is waiting to talk to a lawyer before claiming the million.

Maybe I should send out a preemptive denial to Genius and The Pony. Just in case they hear about it. Don't want to get their hopes up, you know.


  1. I think the owner of the GAS STATION CHICKEN STORE gets a cut, or a nice tip from the least they do in Jersey. Anyway, I know what Mrs. C would say if she had bought a ticket and someone else from the same store won..."Mother F*cker!" She is not a good loser.

    1. Yeah, it looks like the store will get $5000 for selling that million-dollar winner. I don't know if the winner will toss them a tip, but I think I would. To the clerk who sold it to me, anyway.

      I'm okay with that winner raking it in, but only because I don't buy PowerBall more than a couple times a year.

  2. A local new millionaire! well I guess that means the luck has moved on, and since you don't buy powerball tickets that won't matter to you. I hope your scratcher winnings keep on though.
    Our powerball lottery wasn't won last week, so the prize has jackpotted to a huge amount and I'm planning on buying a ticket, but if I win I'll be as anonymous as your "local".

    1. I'm telepathically sending some of my luck your way. Anonymous is good, to cut down on new best friends and distant long-lost relatives.

  3. I think Hick is probably right about the winner wanting to talk to a lawyer!!

    1. Yeah, Hick has already planned out what he would do if HE won. Just in case. Even though he didn't buy a ticket.