Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Follow-Up Report on Hick's Wrong-Again-ness

I do believe this VALidates Val's concerns over A-Cad's tire pressure. It's our monthly OnStar report that popped up in my inbox on Saturday, March 18th. I was too busy with Casinopalooza to let you in on this development back then. Looks like OnStar never heard of tires heating up to the proper pressure, but rather expects them to be inflated to the proper pressure, and then heat up to whatever tires heat up to.


Val high-fives herself in vindication.

Notice that OnStar makes no mention of the ambient temperature. Let the record show that temps were in the 50s/60s/70s when Hick's argument was in effect. And that we do not routinely get these OnStar tire warnings every month for December/January/February/March, when temperatures sometimes drop into the teens at night, and tires suck in their breath.

Maintenance Due

Remaining Oil Life: 17%
Mileage: 11,095
Based on oil life and mileage readings, next required maintenance will be due soon.

Please see dealer section below to schedule a service visit soon.

  View maintenance summary

Odometer-Based Maintenance Items

Based on your current mileage, no items on the additional maintenance list are due at this time.
Tire Pressure: Low (Add Air)
One or more tires are low and need air. Inflate them to the recommended tire pressure listed below as soon as possible.
Properly inflated tires can improve your fuel economy, vehicle performance, and tire life.
Recommended tire pressure - Front: 35 psi,
Rear: 35 psi
Left Front:
Low, 29 psi
Left Rear:
Low, 30 psi
Right Front:
Low, 29 psi
Right Rear:
Low, 27 psi


  1. Replies
    1. I can have a dual identity! Not that I would use it for nefarious purposes, of course...

  2. Val--Perhaps your new name should be V3 (V to the 3rd power)?
    Val the Victorian and the Vindicated.

    Tell Hick to put that in his pipe and smoke it.

    1. Hick doesn't smoke a pipe, nor does he whittle the corncob version on the front porch. But he HAS been known to enjoy a Swisher Sweet when he thinks he can get away with it. So...he can put that in his mini cigar and clandestinely smoke it.

  3. I'd say you have your ducks in a row and your facts lined up; now if you could persuade Hick the air is leaking, perhaps he has some canned or hot air somewhere...

    1. Hick's mouth moves more hot air than the collective WHOOSH of 10,000 bellows squeezed by 10,000 blacksmiths for 10,000 years.

  4. Hick should have known you were right; you're a woman, after all!!

    1. Hick should have known I was right because I've been telling him I'm right for over 25 years.

  5. Will they ever learn? When they put us in detective mode, we always show them up!!

    1. Yeah. They could never make a career from a life of crime!