Saturday, December 12, 2015

Coincidence OR a Sublte Message?

Karma and Even Steven are real jokers, are they not?

After making the decision Friday afternoon to allow Pete-from-work to take the $1000 Caravan home, even though he's only paid for half of it...look what Hick and Val saw Saturday morning:

You'll have to look closely. Val is no photographer under the best of circumstances. And in a moving T-Hoe (driven by the Master Sweaver, Hick), using a hand-me-down more-than-four-year-old cell phone with no glass over the camera hole, she's barely better than a courtroom sketch artist.

Look. Not at the Dairy Queen drive-thru awning. Not the white car making its exit from the Drive-Thru Liquor Store's gravel driveway. There! Third in line waiting for the light! It's a Dodge Caravan.


Let the record show that for all the time our vehicle has been cooling its wheels in front of the BARn, with Hick's handiwork sealing the window closed...we have not seen another one with the same repair job.

Sure, it's not exactly like our $1000 $600 $300 Caravan. Ours is maroon, and has the passenger side window held up by silver duct tape. While this one is dark blue and has the driver's window held up by red duct tape.

I wonder how much they want for it?


  1. Replies
    1. Well, the Caravan of course! Who goes out looking to buy duct tape at a stoplight?

    2. You've never been to Jersey.

    3. Heh, heh!

      I think I might have been THROUGH Jersey. On the way to Boston. It's a blur. I probably slept through it. No dirty water cocktails were imbibed, even though it was a college trip.

      Back then, I was happily ignorant of $1000 Caravans and window-holding duct tape.

  2. I know Hick cannot pass up a deal like that. The spot from the old Caravan isn't even cool yet...

    1. That's right. He might have to build a new shed over that spot if he can't find another Caravan to suit his tastes.

  3. Offer them $100.00!!

    1. One evening Hick pulled into the driveway of a mobile home to see about the $400 Toyota they had sitting in the yard. A teenage boy met him at the door, and before Hick could say anything, the boy said, "I'll take three hundred for it!"

      Of course Hick came home and got the cash and went back for his new car. Which he gave to Genius, who was then 10 years old, but learned to drive a stick amazingly quick.