Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Three Days Late and Two Longhorns Short

Hick stops at nothing to ensure the safety of his precious life-mate, Val. Yeah. You didn't think I was talking about someone else, did you? I don't know if it's so much a function of his undying love, or his view of me as his personal property. Anyhoo...Hick stops at nothing to ensure my safety. Except when it comes to the condition of T-Hoe, who is now plodding along on 4% remaining oil life.

As I type this, it is Tuesday evening. Tuesday. Today at noon, I got a text from my sweet baboo. "I just wanted to let you know to be careful if you go to town, because Sunday night when I went to Goodwill, there were two longhorn cattle in the middle of the road on the curve by the Best compound."

Such a loving, caring husband, concerned about my safety on Tuesday after encountering road blockage on Sunday. Better late than never, I suppose. Let the record show that there are numerous Best families who live on the county road. One has a mansion that hotels built, another is a house-flipper who sold us our long-ago rental duplex, and the others are of unknown career paths. So this longhorn crossing could have been in any of three turn-offs along the blacktop road.

Also let the record show that no known longhorns are being grazed in this area. There are sheep. And Hereford and Angus and Charolais and mutts, and there used to be those Belted Galloways that people call Oreo cows. But I have seen nary a longhorn.

It is quite possible that Hick does not know what he saw. It could have been cows, it could have been deer, it could have been the Grinch dog with antlers tied on top of his head. One time Hick and The Pony went to town, and were shocked to see a dinosaur down by the creek. Then they determined it was some kind of giant prehistoric bird. Or, as I suggested, an emu escaped from the emu farm on the other side of our gravel-road community.

And further let the fat record show that I was not even going to town by that route today, because the rain had poured since 1:00 a.m., and flooded bridges were the norm, and I knew better that to try that section notorious for overflowing creeks.

But at least my sweet baboo was looking out for me three days late and in the wrong direction with his questionable road hazards.


  1. Man! >81 I was too slow to add a comment to your Everyday Encyclopedia post. I think it is a superb idea. You must follow through with it. Just in case you need ideas for everyday common knowledge for winter you can check out this post of mine. Feel free to help yourself to the advice. After all, it is everyday common knowledge around here.


    1. You snooze, you lose! I can so relate to those winter tips. Thank goodness we keep our garage clear, if not the house. Now if we could only have a broken basement window, I would not have needed to holler for the neighbor working on his truck engine to send his wife over on the 4-wheeler with her cell phone so I could call Hick to come home from bowling and let me in when I locked myself out!

  2. Sometimes it is the thought that counts.

  3. You've married a winner, that's for sure. Any guy who sees longhorns, dinosaurs and makes regular visits to Goodwill and shares it all with you for blog fodder is a keeper. I'm voting for the Grinch's dog.

  4. I wish I had someone like that to look out for me.

  5. I'm misty-eyed over all this love.

  6. Val--"Misty-eyed"? I must be on the wrong blog...

  7. Hick is seeing dinosaurs and long horns? You think he may be sipping the suds?

  8. joeh,
    Thought. Better late than never.

    Hick doesn't so much SHARE that info with me as proudly spout it to hear himself talk.

    Even Steven makes sure it's a trade-off. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the life of Val...the life of Val!

    Maybe you picked up a case of conjunctivitis on your recent travels...

    I think you were expecting "crusty-eyed."

    Now that you mention it, two weeks ago Hick imbibed two Michelob Dry with his Casey's pizza. You'd think the effects would have worn off sooner.