Saturday, July 13, 2013

There Is Much Joy in Backroads

Even Steven is smiling upon the Thevictorian family today. Mighty Casey himself would be welcome to drag his backwards-K butt over to our abode and join in the celebration.

Genius has been moved from homeless housing into his first choice dorm. I found out quite by accident, checking to make sure that his paid tuition that is due on Monday still showed up online. I noticed that on the itemized fees, the dormitory bill had been subtracted. And right below it, a more expensive fee had been added. Of course Genius had just stepped into the shower. So we had a muffled conversation.

"Hey! Can you hear me?"

"What? Talk louder!"



"I think they switched your dorm. They subtracted the fee, and added a different one. And instead of The Quad overflow thingy, it has some initials."

"WOOHOO! I got in! I just checked it yesterday morning, and it was the same."

"This shows it went in yesterday."

"I'll check when I get out."

So now Genius has a definite room, with an address, in the building he wanted. Not some amorphous maybe of a living space like the gymnasium where Lewis and Gilbert ended up before exacting their nerdy revenge. He was also able to look up his roommate and suitemates, and find out what floor he'll be living on.

In other news, The Pony is going to a party. He was invited yesterday, or maybe earlier this week by phone when he was at his grandma's house. He only told me this morning when I asked what he'd been texting about yesterday when I thought he was getting in the pool.

At first, The Pony told me he didn't think he'd go. More interrogation revealed that plans for the party included dancing and pizza and a bonfire. I know The Pony is a pizza boy. So I asked him, "Do you like to dance?"

"Um. What do YOU think? No."

"Do you like to burst into flames."

"Well, you should know that the answer to that would be, 'Hopefully, no.'"

"I'm sure there will be girls there who would love to teach you to dance."

"Uh, no."

The Pony went off to let out the goats. Then he hoofed it down into the woods to help Hick at the creekside cabin. I don't know what went on there, but a few hours later they both returned.

"Tell your mom."

"Uh...I'm going to the party?"

"Oh, I thought you decided not to."

"Apparently Dad says I am."

"I'll take him. It'll be good for him."

I suppose the only cherry on this sundae would be if Hick procures some Auction Meat while waiting for the time to pick up The Pony.


  1. Maybe Hick gave The Pony some dancing know, he showed The Pony his best
    dance moves while they were in the woods, and now, The Pony will be able to kick up his hooves with wild (and graceful) abandon...

  2. This brings back so many memories of my signing up for a college dorm. Those girls are going to be all over Pony, whether or not he dances with anyone.

  3. Sioux,
    Please! I cannot have the image of Hick giving The Pony dancing lessons in my brain. When interrogated, The Pony stated that he guessed he had a good time, and was kind of glad he went, that he did not dance, but spent most of the time standing beside his best friend. He carried a log for people to sit on around the bonfire. He did not remember the kind of birthday cake he ate, because it was dark when they served it. He ate two slices of cheese pizza, and drank an A&W Diet Cream Soda, because it was the only thing without caffeine. Sparklers and Roman candles were shot off, but The Pony steered clear of them, because "We don't have much luck with fireworks in this family."

    I suppose he was referring to his dad losing sight in one eye from an "unexploded" bottle rocket at 14, and the many times since that Hick has almost set off the whole Gator full of fireworks with an errant spark. Like he did when he worked for the city of Backroads many years ago, and sent the entire event's flatbed truck full of entertainment up in one fireball. In his defense, he had three other people who helped.

    The Pony does not pick up on those subtle cues from the fairer sex. They would gladly take a spin around the pasture with him if he would stop reining himself in.

    I, too, have fond dorm-room memories. I was in an end room on the 8th floor. Did you know that pranksters like to take those giant laundry carts from the 10th floor laundry area, and shove them down the emergency stairwell in the wee hours of the morning?

    Both boys were quite pleased with the events of the day.