Monday, September 25, 2023

Hick Does Not Duck His Responsibilities

Hick got a call Saturday evening from a buddy giving him a tip on merchandise for his SUS2 (Storage Unit Store 2). Seems that Walmart had some duck calls on clearance for $10 each. I don't know what kind, but Hick said he could get $20 for them at resale.

Of course Hick wanted to go to Walmart for some duck calls. However... he leaves home at 6:00 a.m. for his SUS2. I assured him that Walmart would be open at that time. But Hick was not willing to go on the way to his SUS2, because he had loaded some merchandise in SilverRedO that he thought would be unwise to leave unattended while he was in Walmart. Even if he covered it with something.

"That's okay. I doubt there will be a lot of people rushing to Walmart on a Sunday at the end of the month, looking for a bargain on duck calls. You can get them on your way home."

"I promised The Pony I would stop by to help put together a desk."

Well. Such is the busy life of Hick, fraught with responsibilities.

Turns out that Hick went to help The Pony when he left the SUS2 around 4:00, and his buddy bought some duck calls for him.

No word on whether the buddy will get a cut of the action. 


  1. Duck calls! Somebody living in my street either has one of those or actual real ducks, that make that sound non-stop for a couple of hours each afternoon. I can hear it even with the doors and windows closed.

    1. I suppose it's a duck call. Because why would real ducks limit their quacking to a couple hours in the afternoon? Then again, why would somebody use a duck call for a couple hours non-stop? Perhaps trying to attract supper...

  2. Ironically, since typing that I haven't heard it even once!

    1. Just one more service Val offers: stopping duck sounds down the street, and/or curing people of auditory hallucinations!