Wednesday, January 13, 2021

If Wishes Were Pony's Then Hick Would Be Denied

We went to the casino on Monday. This was a week later from our usual schedule. I guess it threw off The Universe. WE ALL LOST! Not just a little. We lost our shirts. Our whole wardrobes. Overseas sweatshops will need to double their workforce and cut wages in half, just to supply us with clothing to replace them. 

Hick lost the least. The Pony next. And Val was the biggest loser! I lost 90 percent of my casino bankroll! Not my casino bankroll for life. Don't you worry that Val won't be able to gamble any more! Just the bankroll that I keep in my casino purse. I still have my Oklahoma casino bankroll, and my saved-up (safe-ed up) bankroll from previous big scratcher winners, and my big slot jackpot. Still. I don't like to lose. I've been very lucky to play so long on my casino purse bankroll.

Anyhoo... we had a tasty lunch.

Why does Hick's pie always look SO DELICIOUS? I wish I hadn't wavered in line, and had gotten a slice for myself!

Hick had his usual double cheeseburger and curly fries. I caught him in the act of ketchuping his fries.

Am I the only one who thinks his lettuce looks like the fake parsley that lines the dividers in the grocery store meat case?
I tried the catfish nuggets. The Pony has had them before, and they looked so good.
Of course when I get it, the food is somehow less than what I saw when The Pony ordered it. Yes, it was good. But I wouldn't call these "nuggets," so much as "crispy curled-up strips of fried catfish skin." Some of them had a little meat on them. At least the cornmeal batter was good, and the tartar sauce was adequate. Although The Pony had gotten a full cup of it, while I saw mine as half-empty. I scooped that flavoring off the top, too.

The Pony was "not really hungry." He went with his standard hot dog and fries.

I just noticed this time that the menu board on the wall says this is a Nathan's hot dog. I'm glad The Pony didn't try to break a record by eating 75 of them in 10 minutes.

Now... here's the scandal of the day. When the gal (not the old lady this time) brought out our food, she had the usual handful of condiments. She offered me hot sauce for my fish, but I don't roll that way. After she left our vicinity, The Pony dug through the ketchup stack looking for mustard.

"Huh. She didn't bring us any mustard this time."

"Yeah she did. I put one on my burger."

"Um. There isn't any more for my hot dog."

"Here. I didn't use ALL of it. My packet is in the pie container." 
"NO! Never mind. I'll just eat it without mustard."
"Huh. I guess I DID use it all."

Seriously. Who brings 20 packets of ketchup, but only ONE of mustard? Poor Pony. Hick always grabs the best stuff for himself first. Surely he must have considered that mustard is for a hot dog.

Tomorrow, you won't get any pictures of slots. Although I SHOULD have taken some, to hang on the WANTED wall of the post office for stealing my casino bankroll! 
No, you won't get any pictures tomorrow. But you'll get a slice of drama in real life from the casino restaurant, and an altruistic tale from the ride home.


  1. So sorry you lost! Everyone's food always looks so good and I wish I had chosen what someone else I thought the same thing about the lettuce when I saw it. But, it looks delicious. I love that curly dark green lettuce.

    1. Thanks for the sympathy. I was prepared to lose what I took in, so it's not a tragedy. Of course I would RATHER win or break even, but I know what can happen.

      I like my lettuce pale and crunchy, like hearts of romaine. I usually wish I'd gotten what The Pony ordered, but NOT the hot dog!

  2. Shame on Hick for taking the only mustard. His lettuce does look very curly, probably it isn't iceberg, offhand I can't recall which varieties are curly.
    I'm so sorry you all lost this week :(

    1. Hick is not very observant, so he might have actually thought there was more than one mustard. He would have taken it anyway, though, if he KNEW there was only one.

      I don't know the name for that lettuce. I always ask for a burger WITHOUT lettuce. It makes everything slide off the burger when you bite into it.

      Thanks. I will survive my losses. Grudgingly.