Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Mysterious Case of the Amazon Gift Card on the Account

Today I went to place an Amazon order. Because those previously shopped-for items were burning a hold in my cart, and because Hick has been at it again, and because the scratch-off tickets have lost their luster, and...well...Val needs some mental stimulation.

Imagine my surprise when I proceeded to the checkout, and saw that I had a gift card for $53.76!

Nobody gives Val a gift card for Amazon.The Pony has gotten them for Christmas from my sister the ex-mayor's wife, and Genius has gotten them as part of Project Graduation. But none for Val. So you can imagine the surprise. And consternation. Just when she was getting ready to hit Place Your Order, she had to worry about this GIFT CARD.

It wouldn't do to use that gift card if it belonged to someone else. I was pretty sure it wasn't The Pony's, because it's been a while since he used his Kindle Fire, and his graduating class had so little gumption that they never once worked toward a trip or party any of the whole seven years that the other classes did, and besides, there was no gift card showing on the other orders I made this year.

But Genius has been known to use my account for ordering (WITH my permission). And Genius is always getting offers or refunds or promotions or incentives from various internet sites, because that boy lives online. So I fired off a text to him, asking if he had a gift card balance of $53.76. And while I was waiting for a response, I got to looking into my account and order history and gift card situation.

Well, well, well! Seems like this gift card appeared in June. So I went back to my email for that date, and there it was. An announcement that I had a credit, due to an Apple settlement. Never mind that I don't do business with Apple. I fired off another text to Genius, lest he think, "Oh! Free money! Mom has no idea why she has a gift card. Might as well relieve her anxiety and claim it and use it." Not that he would, of course. Okay. He WOULD. But my second text got through to him before he replied.

"Yep. Book settlement for ebook price fixing. I got $22 from Barnes and Noble. Yours is for The Pony's Kindle books. Mine is for my Nook."

"That's a bargain! The Pony need never know!"


We are simpatico on some subjects, Genius and I.

I placed my order and reaped MY benefits. And I did not feel the least bit guilty, even after my loving husband proudly saved us 75% on his purchase of Mason jars on Sunday.

Because there was a secret he had been keeping since Saturday...


  1. I get a lot of books for my Kindle & I got a check for $180.00!!

    1. If only The Pony had read more over the past two years! His Kindle is certainly not catching fire. It's not even lukewarm. He has taken to reading fanfiction on his laptop (when not gaming), and writing his own stories. Gone are the days when I would order him books.

  2. Replies
    1. A team of wild horses couldn't drag The Pony to my blog!

  3. I order books on my Nook, I wonder if we have a credit somewhere? I'll have Mrs. C get on it...she's very good at those things.

    1. I got my email about that credit on June 21. Hope Mrs. C doesn't treat you like I treat The Pony when it comes to gift card credits!

  4. A secret? Since Saturday? That pesky ellipsis has be on the edge of my seat...

    1. Like BOSCO and the cocoa bean for George Costanza, I know that the ellipsis is your dark master, Madam...

      You may jump off your seat-edge at 4:20 p.m. July 6. No significance to that time. Just how it came out easiest for scheduling a future post.