Sunday, March 16, 2014

No Harbingers in Sight

Spring will be upon us in a scant 4 days.

Here is my front yard today at 4:00.

So sad, the spindly lilac bush, beset by goat-bite, and the yucca plants crushed by freezing rain this morning, and that metal mini-bathtub-looking thing Hick uses as a rock garden accessory, and the rock garden covered by snow, and the end of the sidewalk made of bricks rescued from an old side street that used to run behind my $17,000 house in town.

The snow was still falling. Covering the layer of sleet that covered the layer of freezing rain. I have an inkling that even if school is called off for the 22nd day this year, teachers will be required to hitch up their respective dog teams and race to town for a work day.

Those are not ghostly apparitions in the picture snapped by Bad Cell Phone Photographer Pony. Those are snow devils, I suppose, the cold-climate counterparts to dust devils.

Hick ran off to Goodwill this morning, where he said the employees were complaining that they had to be open, despite having very few customers, and no donations. He said the main interstate was "clear" but he saw a car off the highway at each exit. And that he spun his studded snow tires all the way up our mailbox hill.

All I have to say to that is...don't drive a $1000 Caravan on snow over sleet over freezing rain.


  1. We got absolutely nothing, so if you have a snow day tomorrow, enjoy it for me.

  2. As I look at your pictures it's hard to believe Spring is only a scant four days away.

  3. This s**w has to stop! Snow is a four letter word in my book. We got a dusting.

  4. Sioux,
    We got three inches. For all the good it did us. Can you believe we actually had school today? Hope sprang eternal, but my magical text never came. Even my mom's driveway was passable!

    I am running about a month behind. Those 21 snow days make me feel like we're still in the middle of February.

    Driving to school after each of the past six of our eleven snowstorms, I've told The Pony, "Take a good look. This will be the last snow until next year." And he says, "That's what you told me LAST time!"

  5. This must end. There, that should do it.

  6. Kathy,
    It's about time! You could have stopped it sooner.