Sunday, July 22, 2012

Val Heartily Recommends...

I'm gettin' myself a new book!

That's right. This ol' valedictorian can read! It's on the way to me right now. Hear the hoofbeats of the Pony Express? Or the crunch of the tires on the little white pickup truck that my mailman drives from the wrong side of the seat? I'm sure he will drop everything else and rush it right to my door. Or maybe not, since our road is marked PRIVATE, and the post office makes up put our mailboxes on the county road, a mile away from home, out where any Tom, Dick, or Harry can whack it with a baseball bat, or rifle through the whole row of mailboxes for tasty checks being sent out to various utilities, and change the TO part of the check to Tom, Dick, or Harry, and some fool teller will still cash it for them. Yeah. let that be a lesson to you. Always take your bills and mail them in an approved post office orifice. So only the federal employee thieves have a crack at them.

Now where was I...oh, yes. The best thing about my new book is that it was written by my blog buddy, Kathy. Isn't that a pretty name? One you don't hear much these days. Have you ever seen Leap of Faith, that movie where Steve Martin is a rascal of a preacher who travels the country with Debra Winger, pretending to be a faith healer? At the beginning, when Meat Loaf, who is driving their tour bus, gets stopped for driving like a bat out of not-heaven, Steve Martin gets in the police car with that guy who used to play Frank the desk clerk on ER, and acts all clairvoyant and crap and guesses the name of Frank's daughter: Kathy. Which he does by guessing Frank's age, and the most popular names for girls during his child-siring early-marriage years.

But let's get back to Kathy's book. Or maybe I should say Wall-E's book. He's Kathy's dog, who actually wrote it. But he's giving Kathy all the credit. Because that's how Wall-E rolls. So the best thing about this book right now, seeing as how I haven't read it yet, is that it was written by one of my bloggy friends. She's right there in my sidebar. Kathy's Kampground Kapers. She has the patience of Not-Val. Those camping people are like big ol' overgrown students. They will keep you hoppin'. Check her out. She's krafty, too.

If you'd like to support a fellow blogger and her dog's book (She's a dog-lover, see? What's not to like?), you can contact Kathy at the email in her Blogger profile, or find Letters to Gavin on Amazon. You never know, she might give a little discount if you buy directly from her. Doesn't hurt to ask.

To top off my endorsement, I declare that when Letters to Gavin arrives, I will put it ON THE TOP of my To Be Read stack. See? I mean business.


  1. You will have to write a book review once you read it.

    Perhaps one day, a bunch of us Missouri bloggers will get together and have a hootenanny?

  2. Awww, you make me blush! Thank you, thank you! Wall-E thanks you, too.

  3. Sioux,
    I will pull my hair back with a plastic headband, dab on some Avon perfume, attach my golden horse pin with my birthstone for eyes to my white blouse, and proudly stand in front of the class to present my book report.

    A hootenanny, you say? That event will require an entirely different form of dress. Crocs ,are not allowed, Miz Sioux.

    You are quite welcome. I am giddy with anticipation.