Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Songs, Songs, Everywhere Were Songs

Tuesday I took off for Bill-Paying Town to dance with(in) their Devil('s Playground). Or, as some people innocently word shop in their Walmart.

After all the rain we've had here in Backroads, the cloudless sky and bright sun were a welcome change. It was one of those days that give people on the interstates the leadfoot. Not that Val drove on the interstate, mind you.

It was shaping up to be a good day. First cat out of the bag...I stopped to pick up the mail. EmBee was loaded with Oklahoma casino offers. Okay. So she was harboring four of them. And three were for Hick. It's still exciting, people! Even though we can't use any of those offers, because one is the casino in The Pony's college town, and we're not driving an extra five hours for that. Two of them gave Hick and me each four coupons for $10 free play...except they're not good on Sunday or Monday, the days we will be there. And the other one, for Hick, offered $5 free match play guessed it...the three weeks in May that we will NOT be there.

Still it was fun to read about what we COULD have had!

I was leafing through that cardboard gold as I went back to T-Hoe, parked at the end of our gravel road, ready to hit the blacktop. I had my head down looking at the gravel. First of all, because I am not as sure-footed as I once was. Wouldn't want to stumble and lay there until a heavily loaded rock truck came along. Seeing as how cell phone reception is nonexistent down there.

Also, my head was down looking. Looking, because last week, I found a treasure there. Not a valuable treasure. A sentimental treasure. But that's a story of another time. Anyhoo...I was looking, and as I opened up T-Hoe's door and prepared to turn and step in...I saw something behind T-Hoe.

See it there?

I rushed back up front and grabbed my phone to take a picture. was NOT a flat frog.

It was a DOLLAR, by cracky!

Let the record show that I did NOT turn it in. It's not like we have a Private Drive Clerk to oversee things around here.

Anyhoo...I went on to town, making a stop by the cemetery for a short visit with my mom. I even turned the music to HER station, even though one of MY favorites had just started playing on 106.5 The Arch. Fat Bottomed Girls, by Queen. I'm sure that was not significant in the least! Just a random play of a song that I have saved in the music on my computer, but that I never hear on the radio. I know my sweet mother would never have referred to me as fat-bottomed! Never! And she would most certainly not approve of these lyrics!

No particularly significant songs played on Prime Country for this visit. I only stayed two songs worth. I think they were Reba McEntire and Clint Black. So with nothing blogworthy from that escapade, I went forward on my journey.

It was a good song day on the radio! It's been a LONG time since my random station-hopping has yielded such ear candy for Val. When I hit the road after the cemetery, I heard Every Rose Has It's Thorn, by Poison.

And throughout my journey, I also chanced upon

Video Killed the Radio Star, by The Buggles
Dust on the Bottle, by David Lee Murphy
December 1963 (Oh, What a Night), by The Four Seasons
White Wedding, by Billy Idol
And When I Die, by Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Yes. As a matter of fact, Val does have eclectic musical tastes. And they don't include anything from this century.

I was jammin' and car-singing to beat the band! Even though my plans hit a little snag when I stopped by the Waterside Mart for scratchers and a 44 oz Diet Coke. I had planned my route, you see, so that it didn't take me past the gas station chicken store, so I could get my frozen foods home quicker. But what to my horror should I find at the Waterside Mart than a cup dispenser bereft of 44 oz containers!

Well! No way was I settling for 32 oz. No siree, Bob! I bought my tickets and resigned myself to a stop at the gas station chicken store. Their Diet Coke is better, anyway. And while I was there, you know, I figured I might as well pick up a ticket from them, too. Which won me $30, while the Waterside Mart tickets were duds!

Anyhoo...the point I set out to make...I think...was that my route was serendipitously thrown off by the lack of 44 oz cups at Waterside Mart. When I would have been unloading groceries in the garage, I was instead tooling down the main street in Backroads, approaching the turn to the gas station chicken store. I continued clicking for tunes, and wouldn't you know it?

How Can I Help You Say Goodbye, by Patty Loveless.

If you're a regular reader, you know that Val and this song have a history.

Let the record show that I waited for it to end before I went in to get my 44 oz Diet Coke. Val appreciates her messages, and knows how to show proper respect.


  1. I'm waiting to hear how Even Steven gets his dollar back.

    1. Or how Stephen Hayes gets his dollar back!

      I know this will be hard to believe, but I did NOT spend that dollar. It is stuffed in a crack of T-Hoe's console, with the dollar bill I found behind T-Hoe in the garage one day.

      Even Steven seems to deal in larger amounts when he's getting his dollar BACK from me!

  2. Do this, don't do that, can't you hear the songs?

    1. I can. If I tuck my hair up under my hat.

  3. Hey, that looks like the dollar I lost last week. It blew away in the wind. When can I expect it back?

    1. With the wind we've been having lately, I believe you! I'll let it go tomorrow. Of course, it will be heading east, so it will have to circumnavigate the earth to get back to you.

      Like the dead-mouse-smelling post office, I cannot give you a guaranteed date of arrival. Or even assure you that it will arrive at all.

  4. Despite your sometimes being irreverent, there are times when you are so reverent. If a song brings you to it, you must wait wait till you get through it. I am believer in messages from the universe, or the other side, too.

    1. Irreverent? That's one of the nicest things anybody's ever said about me! Which may be a subtle hint from my old buddy Karma...

      Something put me there at that time, switching stations, to pick up that song. So you bet I waited until it was over!

      Unlike "Fat Bottomed Girls."

  5. I'm glad there wasn't a gust of wind while you went for your phone, otherwise it would have just been a picture of gravel.

    1. Well, then you would have seen a picture of gravel. With a whole 'nother slant to the story.

      Which reminds me of another song, an old Rod Stewart classic:

      "Every Picture of Gravel Tells a Story"