Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Brief Intermission From Casinopalooza 2

Yes, there are still tales left from Casinopalooza 2. But today, we take a brief respite due to unforeseen events yesterday.

I had a little visitor when I went outside for my walk. That's right where I always greet the dogs, and stand to stretch my legs at the steps by the side porch. The dogs were not around yesterday, because they were off to the creek with Hick on the Gator. Good thing. One of their fat, frolicking paws would have smashed that little ladybug.

Since we got back from Casinopalooza 2, I had not been to the cemetery for my weekly visit with Mom. We got home Tuesday evening. Wednesday I went to Walmart and planned on stopping, but there was a funeral tent set up in the vicinity. Thursday, I went by again, but the workers were mowing. On Friday, I finally stopped to visit. Only briefly, apologizing for not getting there sooner. I told Mom that we arrived home safely, what the boys are currently up to, how we had a great time, and that I felt bad about not stopping until now, and how I hadn't sensed her around lately.

Then a woman came walking across the plots, so my visit wasn't really private any more, and I said I had to get going. I knew Mom would understand.

Huh. Now I can kind of sense her presence again. I had a couple of 11:11 clock sightings. And then the ladybug surprise.

I know that it's almost summer, and bugs are flying, and one might expect to see ladybugs around. But to me, a ladybug is not just a ladybug. It could have appeared anywhere, you know. At any time. Just an insect flitting here and there. But this one appeared on my porch, at the very place I stand for five minutes every evening, the day after I mentioned that I felt disconnected from Mom.

It seems like my life in on the right track once again.


  1. I hope you're keeping track of these ladybug tales. Someday (not now) your sons will appreciate reading your stories.

    1. Maybe they'll appreciate them. After they're done squabbling over their inheritance, razing Hick's Shackytown, and unhoarding the BARn.

  2. The ladybug showed up at the perfect time, you have had your Mom on your mind and this ladybug was there to remind you,I like your view on this, no matter the reason the end result is you are on the right track.

    1. Yeah. I'm not sure how much you know of this ladybug association. My mom had a swarm of them in the drop-ceiling of her family room. During the day, they came out and crawled on the walls (or on my face when I visited). Mom had no interest in calling an exterminator. "Oh, honey, they go back up in the ceiling at night. If I see too many, I just get the Dustbuster and suck them up and turn them loose outside."

      For a month after she died (in early February 2015) I found several (one at a time) in MY house, and in my car, and on a billboard, and on a TV documentary while flipping channels in Oklahoma, the week we took The Pony to college...all at times when I wished I could talk to her.