Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nerds of a Feather Ride Together

Genius had big plans today. Or a several little plans that added up.

Yesterday he spent the day enrolling at his college. He's taking 19 hours. Which is kind of ambitious at a college known for churning out engineers. Hick sat through various indoctrination meetings with the other parents while Genius took math placement tests. He qualified to go right into Calculus II, but chose to take Calculus I to make sure he had a good foundation. Then there's that 19 hours to consider, also.

Hick said that campus police informed the parents that the most stolen items on campus are books. Are you kidding me? BOOKS? When I was in college, the most stolen items were bicycles (if you only ran your locking cable through the front tire), cold Godfather's pizza from the dorm mini-fridge, and clandestine stashes of alcohol. Because really, who's going to the RA or campus police to complain that your illegal beverage was spirited away? So...I suppose this bodes well for the nerd college, that sticky fingers snatch books.

Genius headed off to his girlfriend's house to meet up and attend a graduation party. From there, they planned to spend the evening at Shakespeare in the Park. Forest Park, to be precise. For us, that means it's in THE CITY. The parents of his friend home from Harvard invited him.

"Are you riding with his parents?"

"So far. Just his dad and sister and him and us are going. So we'll all fit in their car. But Harvard Dude sent out a mass text inviting people. So we might have to take the van. If it's full, I'll drive."

"Why would you do that? Why do you always have to drive?"

"Because otherwise it would be rude. To insist on riding with them."

"What do you mean? You are the only two going besides his family! You were in on the ground floor. You should have your ride already locked up!"

"Mom. It doesn't work that way."

"I don't know why I'm worried about it. Do you really think there's going to be so many kids wanting to go to Shakespeare in the Park? Come's Shakespeare!"

"Don't you know the kind of people I hang out with?"

Duly noted. They might have 'em a convoy, headed through the night.


  1. Wouldn't it be great if there WERE convoys of young people heading off to see Shakespeare in the park?

  2. Should be interesting hearing all about it.

  3. WHen I went to college booze cost more that the books...I am guessing that is not longer true.

  4. Stephen,
    Yes. Especially if that convoy included 11 long-haired friends of Jesus in a chartreuse microbus, because I like the imagery. No cab over Pete with a reefer on, though. Because those kids would not understand the the reefer refers to a refrigerated trailer. Still, they might understand it as much as they understand Shakespeare.

    He didn't get home until 1:00 a.m., then took off for another graduation party this afternoon. I'll have to hear about it when his busy social calendar has room for me.

    Let's hope that wasn't in New Jersey, where your booze is replaced with dirty water!