Saturday, June 15, 2013

I Would Have Been Less Busy Chewing Down Trees, Piling Them Into a Dam, and Slapping Mud Over Them With My Big Flat Tail

Excuse me. This will be brief. I need to get some ointment for my nose. It has been rubbed raw by the grindstone this week.

I have frittered away my time with 14 blog posts, a photo submission for a final edit, two contest entries, and one anthology one work-in-progress that I'd hoped would be done by now, which still needs refining. AND I sorted through a pile of papers on my kitchen counter! It's a wonder I'm not laid up in the hospital like a celebrity, suffering from exhaustion. Or dehydration. You know. Those euphemisms for being off your rocker. We all know that Val could not claim dehydration, what with her daily dose of 44 oz. Diet Coke.

I had planned on polishing that WIP tonight, but I promised The Pony I would look over a story he wants to submit to One Teen Story. He's gone to the auction with Hick right now, though I don't think it's so much a case of father-son bonding as it is a desire to see a schoolmate who was going to the auction with HIS father.

Now time is slipping away, and I have missed Redneck Island, and will have to DVR it later. You'd think I'd have MORE time during my summer vacation.


  1. Those WIPs are a *itch, aren't they? I've got one I've been working on, the deadline is at the end of the month, critique night is next Wednesday, and I've made hardly any progress on it.

    I hope we both make good progress...

    Redneck Island? Really? That's one I haven't heard of.

  2. Protect that nose of yours. Don't rub it completely raw!

  3. What is that "all work and no play" thing?

  4. Wow! You have been busy and productive. Your busy schedule makes me feel like a slug.Good luck on all your submissions.

  5. Sioux,
    Redneck Island is on CMT. That's Country Music Television, for you city people. It's kind of like Survivor, only with Stone Cold Steve Austin instead of Jeff Propst. And all the contestants are hicks. They have challenges each week, have to earn food, and vote somebody off until one remains.

    Maybe you should tune in your dog Foley's cone of shame to see if you can get reception. A little TV-watchin' won't hurt that WIP one bit...

    I'd rather just have it knocked out of joint, so I have more ideas to expound upon.

    I'm sure I'll never know.

    Thanks. I have to make hay while the schools are out.

  6. Val--Crapola! Thanks to that pesky Lisa Ricard Claro, Foley is out of his cone of shame and is wearing a Boo Boo Loon.

    I wonder if I could convince my husband to wear it, so I could get CMT? I'll have to think on that one...

    1. Sioux,
      I read about the Boo Boo Loon, but I didn't think it would get very good reception. I figured Foley might don the cone of shame again for the good of the cause.

      Maybe if you put a little peanut butter on the end of your husband's nose to distract him, you can see about 30 minutes of the show. The rest might require an old leather shoe to be sacrificed. NOT A CROC!