Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kudos to My Sweet Baboo

Today, I sing the praises of Hick, my sweet baboo.

Hold on! I am not responsible for the medical bills of those who just fainted or split open their chin(s) as they dropped to the floor. Toughen up, buttercups. Or bandage your own wounds.

One of our dogs, Tank the beagle, has been having issues. He acts like something is hurting him. Writhes on his back. Bites at his nether region. Yelps for no apparent reason. So I made him an appointment with our vet. He hasn't been in a while. Because it costs more to get your dog a check-up than it does for your kid.

Hick got up early, hunted down the dog, crated him, and drove him to the vet for his 8:45 appointment. Seems that all Tank has wrong with him is a bad flea infestation. I suppose Vet would know. She stuck her finger up his butt and everything. Much to Tank's dismay. Hick had to hold him while he snarled. He's a testy one, that Tank. He still has all his parts, if you know what I mean. Normally, our pets have that very special operation, but Tank has papers, and thus escaped the knife. He's kind of a masculine hot-head at times.

Hick was a bit surprised. He told Vet, "But I put Frontline on him!" According to Vet, it has to be Frontline PLUS. Or else the flea eggs are not killed. She shaved a patch off Tank's back to get a good look at his doggy scalp. Now Tank has three kinds of medicine, and an Rx for a good old-fashioned bath. Vet advised that the water will turn red, from the flea detritus that coats Tank's skin. Hick asked why the other two dogs who run with Tank are not having this problem. Vet said they are probably infested also, but that Tank must have an allergy to the fleas.

Don't that beat all? A dog, allergic to fleas! And it only cost us $142.03 to find out! That's 177.5 Diet Cokes! Not that I begrudge my pet proper medical care. Even though that's almost half a year's worth of soda. And Tank is not even my favorite dog.

After Hick medicated Tank and turned him loose, he went to help one of his older sons move. Then he came back home, grabbed the keys to my Tahoe, and took it to find out why the right rear tire loses four pounds of air a week. Even though he told me last week that the tire people would never be able to find such a slow leak. But they DID! Said it was a loose valve stem. Supposedly fixed it. But like Hick said, he took it to Walmart, so we need to watch it and make sure that was really the problem.

But the sweetest babooish thing my Hick did for me today was bring me a 44 oz. Diet Coke when he returned with my Tahoe!

I am a very lucky woman.


  1. Forty-four ounces of refreshing, carbonated love! What a guy!

  2. He took care of the dog, he took care of your car and he took care of YOU...Are you sure Hick has all his "parts" because he wasn't acting like the typical male...

  3. That Hick sounds like he's one in a million, probably in so many different ways. But you already knew that.

  4. I think Hick is behaving like a downright nice guy. And you are all moon-eyed? This is not like either of you. Have you all been bit out there by the love bug?

  5. Be afraid, be very, very afraid. Even Steven is lurking in the form of Hick. Vigilance in required!

  6. Stephen,
    Yes, Hick understands that the way to Val's heart is through her kidneys and bladder.

    Even though I have tried to removes some parts by wielding a poison pen or sharp keyboard fingers, Hick has not been altered.

    If I could only figure out a million of WHAT.

    It is quite uncharacteristic of us both. But the only bug that has bitten me is a tick.

    Great! Now I'm looking over my shoulder for my Even-Stevening. I knew it was too good to be true.

  7. Who needs flowers and chocolate. A real man says it with flea meds and tires and Diet Coke.

  8. Tammy,
    Gosh. There ought to be a day like that. No Valentine hearts. Just flea meds, tires, and Diet Coke. With a catchy name like Festivus, except that one's taken. Instead of Festivus for the rest of us, something like: Rubber/Beverage/No Itching to make some of us stop b*tching.

    Again with BLOGGER eating comments. Yes, it does seem as though Hick was courting me, and I agree that a sandwich is in order.