Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Think I Lost It, Let Me Know if You Come Across It

Must I write about writing on this blog? That smacks of a coffee table book about coffee tables, in my opinion. Which is all that counts, I suppose. It is MY blog. Which I started in order to be different from my everyday blog.

Sometimes I feel pressure to dish out advice that nobody needs. There are many sites where one can garner a daily dose of writing tips. Sites operated by qualified, experienced writers. I don't know where that pressure comes from. Most likely the universe, conspiring against me again, giving me pause when I should be blissfully writing up a storm. Or at least a submission.

I could do it, you know. Dispense that unneeded advice. I'm quite versatile. I could turn everything around by the end of the post and tie up a lesson with a pretty red bow. Because I'm a teacher, you see. I know how to spin things. But something makes me want to dig in my heels and refuse, like a sleep-starved toddler who does not want to be dropped off at daycare.

My enjoyment comes from dishing out a daily dose of skewed humor. Funny-bone ticklers. Mirth candy. To turn up the corners of someone's pursed lips a smidgen more than Mona Lisa's. Or at least to elicit a response of, "That didn't suck as much as I thought it would." Nothing makes me happier (okay, that cliche is a bit overstated here) than pounding out a post that makes me smile smugly, and give myself a virtual pat on the back. This, however, is not one of those posts.

This quick-fingered blog ninja needs to brush up on her basics, and bring back the funny.


  1. Despite the content on your site, your word choices and phrasing makes my lips curl. Well, not like Elvis.

  2. You know, speaking of Elvis...Did you know Linda once had a one-night stand with Elvis, down in the Jungle Room?

    Oh yeah--ask her about it. She's gotten SEVERAL Chicken Soup for the Soul stories out of that evening.

  3. Linda,
    Perhaps like Mona Lisa, trying not to laugh out loud at that crazy Leonardo Da Vinci, who kept telling her, "Say cheese!" over and over and over until her portrait was finished.

    But she still coerced her pretty little preschool granddaughter into typing them up and submitting them for her. Or so the rumor goes...