Saturday, August 20, 2016

This Makes It Hard for a Lady to Reveal Nothing

Maybe it's just me, but when I use a public restroom, I prefer a little privacy.

Some places have those six-foot high solid doors that go all the way to the floor. I think it's our local Buffalo Wild Wings. Maybe they're set up for clandestine trysts. And there might be some random casino with them (because people need a lot of privacy to count their winnings), or a country music show in Branson (because nothing says white trash like an over-the-top bathroom stall).


THIS is not a door that makes me feel secure! It was in the restroom just off the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express. We won't go into why I was in the public bathroom when I'm paying a fortune for a room there. Try to focus. This picture was taken from INSIDE the stall. And I can see right out! Sure, I know the slats make it easy to see one way, but not the other. But let me tell you, if an obnoxious child, or a perv came in and got down low to the ground (where obnoxious children and pervs like to hang out), they could see right into that stall!

Here's a view from outside:

Don't know what the purpose is for that kind of door. Saving wood? That's the only benefit I can think of. Nobody really wants to hear and smell what's going on in there, do they? Unless it is, perhaps, obnoxious children and pervs. There were only two stalls in there, and they were exactly the same.

Funny how the rest of the room looked normal.

Yes, those vented doors are better than the swinging saloon half-doors that I saw somewhere. And better than no door at all. But that's the only positive thing I can say about them.


  1. Not much privacy there. Restroom alert: If you go to the St. Louis Art Museum beware of their toilets, which are low to the ground. A friend of mine (not me) slipped and got hurt the other day. True story.

    1. I haven't been to the Art Museum since Hick's older boys were young. Thanks for the heads-up on the low toilets! I hesitate to contemplate what made her slip!

  2. Some cheapskate decided to put pantry doors on a bathroom stall. I'd protest loudly, one way or another, if you get my drift. Doesn't it feel awesome to not have to go to work on Monday?

    1. It felt awesome not to go to work LAST Monday, too, when teachers reported for duty. And Thursday, when I looked at the clock at 8:12, and knew that first bell was ringing to start the school year.

      Indeed, it feels GREAT to not have to go to work Monday. I'm headed for the casino with my favorite gambling aunt!

  3. Donna... Retired.
    Linda... Retired.
    You... Retired.

    Why don't the three of you get together and make a bathroom book. You ladies can drive around, taking pictures of public bathrooms... And you can make it a scratch and sniff book.

    1. Will you model for our pictures with your head stuck under a faucet?

      I could contact my contacts at school, and interview them about how it feels to battle for bathroom supremacy every 50 minutes...