Monday, August 15, 2016

Let the Record Show that There IS a Method to The Pony's Pronunciation Madness

During our phone-buying, Bonus-Hole-feeding, ball-holding excursion on Saturday, The Pony pulled his Rogue up behind a car with a license plate starting with GYN. Since he is not a Seinfeld fan, I could not make a reference to the ASSMAN. Genius would have fully appreciated the ASSMAN. He practically cut his teeth on the ASSMAN. But not The Pony. The Pony wouldn't know the ASSMAN if that man bit him on the ass.

"Look. A traveling gynecologist."

"Don't you mean JINE-a-cologist?"

"No. Why?"

"That's how you say it."

"No. It's not."

"That's how I say it. Makes more sense."

"Why would you EVEN say it? You haven't been pretending to be an online gynecologist, have you?"

"Nooo...I don't think you can do that online. But it SHOULD be JINE-a-cologist. Because of what the doctor works on. The 'gina."

I don't think he has plans to switch to pre-med just yet. Chemical engineering will have to do.


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    1. And all this time I thought he was randomly mispronouncing words!

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    1. I gave him a snort. Didn't want to encourage him.

  3. Oh, now he has a great pick-up line, for when he gets a bit older.

    "Hi, you sweet hot thang. I'm a jine-a-cologist. I make lots of money looking at ginas."

    Seriously, I hope you're keeping track of these hilarious stories. What a slide show you could create for when he gets married. And you can begin it with the words, "It's payback time!"

    1. He tried another pick-up line today after lunch with my favorite gambling aunt. Thank goodness he didn't say it in front of her.

      "You're so hot that if you ate bread, it would poop out as toast!"

      Not sure the li'l gals of Oklahoma are ready for The Pony.

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    1. Everybody needs a little Pony in their life!

  5. The English language is quirky in many ways with inconsistencies in pronunciation that thwart many people trying to learn English.

    1. But The Pony shoulda darn learnt English already!

  6. I sense an English major in the making!

    1. Have your senses been on the fritz lately?