Monday, May 29, 2023

The Stomach Finds Work For Idle Hooves

The Pony put a hold on a route in Backroads while another carrier is on vacation. Instead of his usual day off of Tuesday, it gave him Mondays off. Like an actual weekend! Sunday and Monday, two consecutive days! In addition, the Monday holiday meant that The Pony would also be off Saturday, since his day off fell on the holiday.

Or so The Pony believed. Technically, he was correct. Of course The Universe does not always favor fair play, nor The Pony's feelings. On Friday, he was told that he would be working on Saturday.

The Pony is a good egg. A steady, dependable worker. He has been at his job for two years now. Building up good karma. It doesn't matter much to the post office, which runs on union rules and seniority. But The Universe must have a soft spot for our little Pony. I got a text on Saturday morning at 9:30...

"They were going to force me to work today on my holiday, but then for some reason when I went in they said I could leave. So NOT-HEAVEN, YEAH! I got home and made a big breakfast."

"That's definitely a big breakfast! I wonder why they let you go. Anyone else?"

"I was first on the list since I was the only one being made to go in. The others volunteered, and thus got paid less."

"I suppose more volunteered than they needed?"

"I think the usual suspects they expected to call out didn't."

"Were you first on the list to be made to work because of the hold down? And it not being your regular day off, maybe? Or because of seniority?"

"No. I was first to get off because I was the only forced one. I was forced to work because I'm the most junior, even though it was supposed to be my day off."

"Okay. So seniority."

"Yeah. Reverse seniority, technically."

"Technically, I stand corrected."

So The Pony go this 3-day weekend anyway, with only a short interlude to get showered and dressed and drive three blocks to the post office. All he lost was the delicious anticipation of that 3-day weekend on Friday evening.

But he DID gain a delicious breakfast from being up and about earlier than he would have if he'd been sleeping in on his holiday.


  1. I've got to say, that young man sure knows how to make use of his early rising. Delicious looking breakfast. I wonder if there were any leftovers? Ranee (MN)

    1. I'm going to guess that about half was left. It's not like you can bake half a can of biscuits and save the rest for another day. So I imagine that The Pony planned for two meals. Maybe he ate them on the same day, maybe another day. But I don't think even The Pony could down all this at one sitting.

  2. That's a huge breakfast! How many eggs did he scramble? I do two and add grated cheese, sometimes also a bit of chopped ham and then I'm full, no biscuits or gravy needed for this tiny tummy.

    1. I'm going to guess it's at least 8 eggs, from the looks of it. Probably just what he had left in a carton. That's why I'm guessing that it was not all eaten in one sitting.

  3. That is a lot of food for one person! Glad he got his long weekend, he will need the time to digest that breakfast! He is young and I often forget how much they eat. My grandson is still in his 20's and last time I was at his house he requested a corned beef dinner with the carrots, potatoes and cabbage. I made a rather large one, thinking he would have three hearty meals out of it. He speared the corned beef with a fork and ate the entire thing before starting on the vegetables! It was a 4 lb. chunk of meat!

    1. They sure can put it away when they're young! Also when they're older, as evidenced by Hick putting half a pot roast in his towering bowl of vegetable beef soup.