Thursday, February 23, 2017

I Know You're Still Dangling...

When we last convened, Hick had left home without his AAA membership card, and proof of insurance cards for the Trailblazer (which he was driving that day), his truck, and his Olds Toronado.

You know that some people drive for their whole life, right, and never have an accident, never get pulled over, and never need to show proof of insurance. Hick is not one of those people.

He has been working in the old building, the one that used to be a Red Cross storage facility, just off the highway. The one he pretty much single-handedly re-fitted and re-wired and made into a bustling factory that made saw blades and butcher supply products, way back when Genius was just born. As business boomed, Hick's factory expanded, and moved across town to a bigger building. Now that they have expanded again, they need to utilize the old building more.

Hick left the old building to go back to the new building. He saw a police car pull out behind him. So he kept watching it. No mention of whether or not he was sweaving at the time. But one thing's for sure: he did not have his seat leaned back, taking a snooze.

"I seen him pull out and follow me. So I kept an eye on him."

"Did he turn on his siren?"

"NO! Just the lights..."

"Uh. I think that's bad enough."

"He pulled me over. So I was wondering what I did. I wasn't speeding. Just going through town. So I asked him what I did, and he said I didn't have any taillights! So I told him I didn't know that, and thanked him for telling me, and said I'd check them when I got home, and get them fixed. When I got back to the plant, I looked at the wiring and--" (here Hick lost me, because I kind of tune out his mechanic-speak to preserve my sanity after all these years). "I don't know what it is. I might drive the truck tomorrow, or maybe I'll take the Trailblazer and get it worked on up there."

"Huh. It's probably something your new best friend mechanic buddy unhooked, to keep you coming back for return business, since he's on the fifth car right now, and you still have to go pick up the Toronado."

"Yeah. Sure, Val."

"Did he ask for your insurance card?"


"You're lucky, because the one you have expired a month ago, and you left the new one on the kitchen counter this morning."

"I did? I didn't see it."

"That doesn't surprise me."

Anyhoo...Hick didn't get arrested, and wasn't caught without proof of insurance. But that traffic stop was the least of his worries on Wednesday.

Oh, wait. This is too long. Looks like you'll have to wait for the rest of the story. On SATURDAY. Because tomorrow is Book Blurb Friday, you know!

Okay, I'm sorry that was anticlimactic. But I have to draw the line somewhere. The REAL story, about dead bodies (with a picture) is the most interesting part, but it's too long to add here. SATURDAY. I promise. If you don't read on weekends, you can catch up to it MONDAY!!! It'll still be here.


  1. No fair! I was set for a good story, even having my dessert as I read.

    1. When you read the MEAT of the story on Saturday, you won't be wantin' dessert.

  2. Was the new insurance card under a towel?

    1. Obviously not, or it would have been found!

  3. It's not nice to let people dangle!!

    1. Wellll...Val has never been accused of being nice.

  4. Oh no! Book Blurb Friday. Again. I guess I will have to post later this morning. ;)

    And what a shame about Hick. Perhaps, next time, you can call the police/sheriff and alert them to the driver who is without his insurance card...

    1. Funny how Friday keeps rushing up at me, just like the floor that time I took a shortcut from lair to chair, and caught my toe on the throw rug in the basement by the mini fridge.

      I'm sure all I would have to tell them is to look for the sweaver in the Trailblazer.

  5. Thanks for reminding me to put my new insurance card in my wallet.

    1. You're welcome. That little inadvertent public service announcement is as close as I get to being nice.