Tuesday, November 29, 2016

There's a New Rogue in Town

Thevictorian family was in a bit of a pickle after The Pony beat the not-heaven out of his little Rogue. Here it was, Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, and The Pony needed a way to get back to OU on Sunday.

The Pony, an eternal optimist (or perhaps just naive) said cheerily (but who wouldn't, after just escaping the clutches of death), "Maybe we can find a really good deal on Black Friday!" Yes. Maybe. But having never had to do anything for himself concerning the purchase and title and insurance requirements of his previous vehicles, The Pony did not consider the logistics of buying a car on the day after Thanksgiving and having it ready to drive to Oklahoma at 6:00 a.m. Sunday.

I just wasn't seeing it. Though I didn't want to mention that to The Pony. After all, he had just cheated death. VAL wasn't going to be the one to bring him down.

Hick spent the whole night thinking about the situation. At least from around 8:30 when he got home, and 9:00 when he went to bed. The next morning, he had decided to let The Pony take the 2002 TrailBlazer that we inherited (paid off my sister the ex-mayor's wife for) from my mom.

"I could take him out there, but I have work on Monday. And I don't want him to be without a car. He can drive your mom's car, and HOS (Hick's Oldest Son) and I will go about halfway with him. I'll switch off driving so The Pony is rested when it's time for him to go the last 4 hours by himself. We can go look for a car, but I don't think we'll find one in a day. It's worth a try. They had four or five Rogues on the Whitepoor lot in town."

Thanksgiving afternoon, we went looking at cars, and saw several that would do. This lot never puts the prices on. Hick says they're really high. He's only had luck with them one time, and that's when he bought Genius's Ford Ranger.

Friday morning, Hick and The Pony left on their quest. The Pony was excited. As excited as he gets. These Rogues were 2012 and 2013 models, with AWD and back-up cameras. The one he wrecked was not AWD, and had no back-up camera

Hick sat down to talk to the salesman at Whitepoor Auto Sales, and was SHOCKED that he was asking $5000 more than fair market value, according to our internet calculations.

"He was CRAZY! I told him no way was I going to pay that. That I don't know how they sell any cars there, they're so high. And he said, 'Well, we sell five or six cars a day.'"

"They probably do. I think they can charge that because they finance for people who can't get money anywhere else. Buyers pay more, because at least they can get a loan."

That doesn't help Thevictorians, who are cash buyers when it comes to used vehicles for their boys.

"We left. We've been to three other dealers, and they don't have what we need. I'm heading north to look in the city. The Pony saw some on his phone, and they're reasonable."

So...Hick and The Pony bought a car Friday. At $3000 off the sticker price on the lot. Which Hick had to remind the salesman, and The Pony had to get out his phone and show him what it was advertised for online. He honored that price. They drove home...are you ready for this...a 2013 Nissan Rogue.

Pretty much like The Pony's wrecked car, except red instead of black, with a back-up camera and AWD, and 39,000-something miles instead of 49,000-something.The Pony forgot to take a picture in the daylight, but we got one Saturday night after supper.

We will transfer the license when The Pony comes home for Christmas in three weeks. Shouldn't have to pay tax on it, because it's replacing the wrecked car. Insurance has been transferred. We're waiting on the insurance adjuster and the check.

Hick wanted to go by Whitepoor Auto Sales and flaunt the purchase paperwork to say, "I told you so."

The Pony and I discouraged him. No good can come of that.


  1. Red...

    Hello-Police-Officer Red.

    The Pony better drive slow. The fuzz are drawn to red cars.

    However, as lucky as The Pony was, I think his car "adventures" are over. From now on, it'll be smooth sailing...

    1. I think you're right about red cars!!

    2. The Pony has never been a speeder. He's a stickler for obeying the law. That's why there need to be signs that say, "No Sleeping While Driving." Genius is the leadfoot member of Thevictorian family. He, too, has a red car.

      I've had two red cars, and yes, I was stopped by the police. I'm sure it had everything to do with the color of my car, and not that fact that I was going more than 10 mph over the speed limit!

  2. Nice car, I hate dealing with car salesmen. Throw a quarter in it for me...that's good luck in Jersey.

    1. I'll do that quarter thing the next time The Pony is home. Or when we meet him halfway at Christmas, and I ride back with him.

  3. I hope this new car runs well and keeps your boy safe.

    1. We'll find out how it runs when he makes the long trip home. I was quite pleased with the way the old Rogue kept him safe. He had originally wanted a Ford Escape that he and Hick had looked at, but it was sold the night before we showed up to claim it. You never know how it would have held up in the off-road adventure The Pony slept through.

  4. Good deal on that car! HeWho likes to wheel and deal on vehicle prices, too.

    1. If there's one thing Hick knows, it's CARS!