Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fourth Time's a Charm?

On Sunday, Hick and I left Casinopalooza to head for Norman to visit The Pony. As usual on such a trip, I was excited to be heading toward him, forgetting that we would be leaving him behind in less than 24 hours.

Let the record show that I saw nary a ladybug on this trip. I ALWAYS see a ladybug when we go visit The Pony. But not this time. Not flying around me, not on a TV show, not on a picture texted me by The Pony when one lands on him, not on the big billboard going toward Norman. I don't know if I didn't look out at the right time, or if that billboard has been taken down or papered over. I saw not a single ladybug.


After we got A-Cad back on the highway after our final rest stop at a McDonald's about 45 minutes from Norman...Hick asked what we were going to do first after picking up The Pony. He had mentioned that he would like to go to an Escape Room. He's quirky like that, The Pony. Fun for him is being confined for an hour to see if he's smart enough to get loose. I picked up my phone to text him. He was probably just getting out of bed. Our ETA was 1:25 p.m. The Pony needs his beauty sleep.

"I'm just going to call him. I hate to text. It's even harder with your driving."

"I can't help the roads, Val. We're not on the turnpike. That's where all the money goes."

"Be quiet. I'm calling."

As I waited for the phone to start ringing, a new song came on the radio. Yep. A song I've heard before. "Holes in the Floor of Heaven." By Steve Wariner. The last 3 times I heard this 1998 golden oldie, there were circumstances involving my mom.


"Pony! Do you hear that song?"

"No...the radio isn't coming through very well."

"It's Holes in the Floor of Heaven. It just came on."

"Aww..." The Pony started singing it from memory.

I'd like to think that Mom was along for that part of the ride.


  1. Ladybugs, special song,'s all good.

    1. Yeah. Except the floor-walking and bed-creaking and light-blinking and battery-candles turning on by themselves. Sometimes, it goes a little too far. Who knows, that stuff might go even farther if somebody/something wasn't looking out for us!

  2. Replies
    1. To me, it always seems like a affirmation that things are going to work out okay.

  3. Val--I think you're going to have your mother with you--watching over you and your family--for a long, long time.

    Aw, this post was so sweet, there was no room for Sioux to be snarky.

    1. must be my mom giving you a chance to rest your snark muscle.

  4. Betcha anything your mom was with you. What the heck is an escape room? Are the participants shackled, cuffed? Or is it just like getting lost in the doctor's office, too many halls and doors?

    1. I think Mom has moved to Norman. The Pony saw evidence this week.

      An escape room is like a live riddle that you have to solve to get out of a room. Except fire codes mean they can't really lock you in. You mill around looking for clues and submitting solutions to a mystery.

      You are pretty much confined in one room, and at this one, there was only one way out.

  5. Replies
    1. I am the grateful recipient of many Mom-related "coincidences!"