Monday, April 16, 2018

One More First

Genius called Friday evening. Let the record show that Genius never calls just to chat.

"I want you to talk me into or discourage me from buying a new car."

"I can do that!"

Genius has been driving a 2006 Mercury Mariner since he went away to college in 2013. Hick got a good deal on it, and it was kind of a luxury version of a 2006 Mercury Mariner. Genius was perfectly happy with it, even though it had over 100,000 miles on it when he got it.

I was perfectly happy with that Mariner, since it withstood Genius's foray under the wheels of a semi truck, a la the Griswolds in Christmas Vacation. Okay. Genius didn't drive all the way under the truck. He fell asleep at the wheel on his 2-hours one-way commute home to his college apartment from his internship job, and merely bounced off a couple of the 18 wheels. A lesser car might have dented like a Diet Coke can.

With his Mariner getting older, and a daily commute of 36 miles, from Kansas City MO to Olathe KS...I figured Genius was ready to upgrade. After all, it's on his dime now! I'm pretty sure that advice was just what Genius wanted to hear. He had already looked up the new car he yearned for, and priced it and his trade-in. He had a dealer in mind. He had already called his insurance, and knew the monthly premium. In addition, Genius had set aside money for a down payment, and researched monthly loan payments.

"I think getting a new car is a good idea. The Mariner isn't going to last forever, and you need something dependable to get you to work. In any kind of weather."

"Okay, then. I'm going to buy a new car tomorrow."

Genius doesn't fiddle-fart around. He was off to look at the car of his dreams that evening, with plans to visit a second dealership on Saturday. They didn't have the exact color he wanted, but he said depending on the price, he might be persuaded.

Friday night, Genius was offered a deal that was less than what he'd planned on, with the exact car that he wanted. "Mom! It had SIX miles on it when I drove it!" However, cool-headed Genius got the offer in writing, and left the lot, still intent on visiting a second dealership. Which he did, on Saturday. He sent me a text while I was in the casino.

"Second place beat them by about $300 overall, although initially came in at $2000 higher. I just committed to $XX,XXX before my down payment."

"Okay. So you're getting it at the second place?"

"I am."

"Didn't come out ahead by a lot, but $300 is $300."

"Do you like the car as much?"

"They had the same one, actually. Just didn't have it online."


I won't show you the picture of Genius's car, because I didn't ask him for permission. But it's a Honda CR-V in Modern Steel, I think, with a gray interior with fake wood accents. I know it's AWD, and I'm pretty sure it's the EX-L version. Genius said it wasn't the base model, and it wasn't the fanciest.

I guess I'll have to call this one The CRaVe.


  1. It sounds like a wise choice. You have two smart young men for sons. (They take after their mom ;)

    1. I wasn't fishing for that compliment, but since I reeled you in...thank you. Of course, I've always considered my boys to be quite "breathtaking."

  2. I've been eyeing an HRV as my Jeep is getting old, I'm limited in choices due to the size of our one car garage. Honda is always a good choice.

    1. Well, if you get an HRV, the only name I can think of for it is HaRVey...

      Genius said he climbed into the back seat of the CRV (hopefully not while he was test-driving) and that he could have fit a whole backpack between his knees and the front seat. He's six feet tall, so there must be decent leg room. Not that you'll be riding in the back of your possible HRV, but that's good to know.

  3. I don't know anything about cars except if you don't make the payments they take the car back.
    Nice to know you and Genius are both happy with the car and the deal he got.

    1. Genius is efficient and businesslike, so I have no doubts that he will make his payments in a timely manner. Good thing The Pony doesn't have a payment, because I could see him totally forgetting about it until he walked out and found his car gone.

  4. Adulting is all about negotiating. The boy seems to know his stuff.